Hope you all had a good weekend! I’m back today with my review of chapter 1 of Reinbach’s Switch comics. It appears this is going to be a series chronicling the antics of barely legal Casey, a quirky, hot blonde with an amazing set of fun bags.

Casey is newly 18 and has her eyes set on birthday sex with her reluctant Step dad, Royce. It’s easy to see why, Royce is a total hottie, if you’re into the whole dark-haired Fabio kinda thing. I’m not going to reveal any major spoilers, you’ll have to read for yourself to figure out whether or not Casey gets her birthday wish.


This chapter is short but sweet. I typically have a very hard time following comics, but this one actually has a storyline that I could see myself getting into. I did some further investigation and it seems like there could be quite a mix of interesting things to follow. Casey is obviously manipulative, and from the dialogue she can be unstable (reference to Lexapro). This has all the makings of a soap opera, but in the best way possible. Reinbach has a good following with this comic, with great feedback, and for good reason. He’s genius.

My conclusion: YES. All things yes. I love the art, it’s classic with amped up sex appeal. The potential dynamic between the characters has the ability to take this in so many different directions. I’m excited for Chapter 2 and to see where the story goes.


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