A wise person once said, “The best women are a little crazy.” I believe he may have been familiar with the Switch adult comics. I mentioned in my last review (Switch Chapter 1) that Casey seemed a bit “unstable”, for lack of a better word. Her step-dad and mom made references to anti-depressants, which in my opinion, just added a layer of intrigue to the story. Who doesn’t love a good drama, right?

While the first comic didn’t venture too far into explaining Casey’s need for meds, Chapter 2 dips a toe in just enough to give you some insight on where the story might lead. While I was correct in my initial thought that this comic would be interesting, I underestimated just how much Reinbach could make it so.


No major spoilers: Casey and her friend, Bria head to the beach for a relaxing day of sand (and sex apparently). Bria is just as hot as Casey, although more reserved. I hope Bria will be a staple, as she lends a little bit of normalcy to the plot. It seems like Casey may have a crush on Bria, but the best way to figure that out is to read the comic yourself. It’s clear that there will be no shortage of action, so long as Casey is involved. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I think this will eventually go full “Days of Our (horny) Lives”. Download Switch on MiKandi and tune into the action with me!


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