Reinbach is bringing the drama with the latest installment of Switch Chapter Six. It’s been a bumpy ride thus far, with new and shocking revelations about Casey’s character, and her borderline-psychotic mood swings(possibly more than borderline). Luckily for all of us readers, we don’t actually have to deal with her on a daily basis.

This comic is really entertaining to follow. Casey seems to have no limits to her manipulation and will seduce anyone to get what she wants. She’s the human equivalent of a hot train wreck with boobs, and readers love it. It’s fun watching Royce squirm, (for those who haven’t been following, that’s her step-dad) under the constant pressure of Casey’s sexual ambushes.

While each chapter introduces a new character or two, we’re learning a bit more about the dynamic between Casey and Sylvia, which only makes us more hungry for the next scenes, and Reinbach can’t dish them out fast enough. I’ve mentioned this before, but the art in this comic is really eye-catching, and I couldn’t figure out WHY it seemed a little familiar. After reading a little more about Reinbach in our interview find it here, I realized why. He’s a fan of the original Batman series art by Bruce Timm, arguably one of the best animators of all time. Perhaps this also explains why Casey gives me that Harley Quinn vibe. With this classic influence and his own flair, Reinbach brings life and personality(multiple, in Casey’s case) to his characters resulting in orgasm-inducing eye candy, with all-you-can-fap sexual tension.

I, as well as the rest of the Reinbach fan base, eagerly await his next chapter. It’s almost torture to have to wait to see what Casey will stir up next, but oh, is it worth it.

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