Chiaki Shigemura is my spirit animal. She’s an introverted day-drinker that prefers comfy clothes to fancy dresses and is uninterested in dating. I feel like we would be friends. In the first installment of 29 Years Old, Single, Living With The CEO, we meet the aforementioned Chiaki, who is housesitting her Uncle’s spacious home while he’s away on business. She’s living it up and enjoying her freedom, mostly by drinking beer until she passes out.

Too bad for Chiaki, all good things must come to an end, and they do when a strange man barges in on her taking a shower. Thankfully, he turns out to be a friend of her uncle sent to check on her, and the new president of the company Chiaki works for. Crisis averted, sort of. Mr. Tadashi Mikami is arrogant, bossy, and overly affectionate towards Chiaki. He also happens to be mildly charming and ridiculously attractive. Probably not the best combination for Chiaki, who seems to want to retain her virginity like she LARPs on weekends. No offense, I like me some LARP.

Since I’m a cheater and I’ve already read the four episodes we have on the MiKandi Adult App Store so far(I expect there are more to come), I’ll give you a life pro tip: READ THIS SERIES. I’m still quite a noob when it comes to manga, but these four episodes alone have sold me on it. Signed, sealed and delivered. The artistry is sexy, even overly-adorable at times while still boner-inducing. The story is addicting, I’m already itching to read the next chapters, and the character development is impressive. Nao Misaki really does a great job in bringing the individuality of Chiaki and Mikami to life, their quirks and interactions make this story awesome.

This is a must-read TL manga from Funguild and MiKandi Japan. I give it 8 tentacles, way up! Get all four episodes on the MiKandi Adult App Store today!


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