So, it’s been a while since you last enjoyed a good tap ‘n’ fap game from MiKandi’s adult marketplace, and now you’re on the hunt for a new lewd adventure. You’re in luck, hero! Unsheathe your coc— I mean —sword, and slash into Eroico, a fun and seXXXy platformer adventure game from developer Kyrieru (also known for the lewd shooter Aster). For a basic summary of the game, read on!

Game Description: Sword and shield in hand, a lone prince begins his journey to defeat the demon lord! Through the forest and across the desert, at heart of a dark castle… will he a emerge a hero, or fall victim to the wiles of his monster girl foes?

Eroico has 3 stages, and 15 monster girls to encounter, each with their own sex-animation and gameover CG. Also includes a gallery mode for quick viewing of unlocked content.

A fun and sexy platformer that is more difficult than it looks!

I’ve just started playing, and so far I’m really enjoying the moe style graphics, and smoothness of the characters’ attack animations. I kind of feel like I’m Link (Zelda II‘s Link) traversing a much cuter world, full of neko girls that will stop at nothing to claw my face off and hump me to death. Kind of silly but cool, right? Anyway, this is the realm of monster girls and such is the dichotomy of “kill or be humped” until you draw your last breath.

One thing I should mention is that, for me, Eroico seems pretty challenging even on the Easiest setting (there’s 4 levels of difficulty in total). Unfortunately, I don’t have a game pad (which the game does support) to see how much of a difference it would make. In any case, that doesn’t necessarily detract from the fun I’m having… which is what matters in the end. So excuse me, I’ve got some monster babe “slaying” to get to. Care to join? Check out Eroico here!

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