GOTO: Ultimate Lock Screen


Last night, the MiKandi Team attended the Inaugural Android Developers meetup at F5 Networks in Seattle.  In fact, we gave the second presentation of the night.  But I told myself this post wouldn’t be about us, so let’s move on.

The first EVER presenter at the Android Developers of Seattle meetup was Alberto Fonesco.  Alberto and his team developed the “ultimate lock screen”.  If you own an Android (if you don’t, get one soon) you know that the current lock screen is, well, fugly.  It’s like, does anyone have a paper bag handy?  I mean really!  Who let the ugly fucker in here?  Am I right?  I kid.

So Alberto and Co. set out to develop the Angelina Jolie of lock screens, and by George I think they’ve got it.  The app, called GOTO, was Alberto’s first venture in Android app development, and he shared the obstacles the team faced and the lessons learned.  Namely: Droid X is a bitch to work with, so if you have a Droid X and are interested in a better lock screen, it’s best you wait until they’ve ironed out the kinks.

With GOTO, you can scroll through a number of features while your screen is locked.  For example, you’re notified if you have a new message in GMail to attend to.  Only the date, time, and sender are displayed for privacy (good thinking!).  If you want to jump straight to one of the main featured apps/widgets, simply slide the thumb scroll to the icon and release.  To unlock the phone, slide all the way to the right.  If you require an unlock code, no worries: GOTO is compatible with that too.  GOTO plans to make the API available to tie into other social services such as Twitter.

I’m hesitant to say this, but the app looks rather iPhone-esque.  The UI is beautiful, polished, and seamless- something that many Android apps lack.  The attention to detail is apparent and much appreciated.

GOTO is available in the Android Market for $2.99 USD.