MiKandi, The Adult App Market 2011 Infographic

People often ask us for stats and to talk about how we’re doing as a company and as a 3rd party app market on Android. We’re pretty happy to share basic stats with folks and are proud to say that we’re growing really well and that being a 3rd party app market is a real possibility.

Despite spending NO money on marketing and having NO distribution through the other Android App Markets (hey Amazon, we’d be happy to offer your app store to our customers if you offer ours to your customers ;-)), we are seeing new users each and every day. Well over a million folks have used our app market for adults and while that might pale in comparison to other popular stores, we’re pretty excited about the fact that over 200,000 people use us each month and download an average of over 5 apps per person. We’re just getting started, but it’s a pretty great start.

We’ve learned a lot in the past year and we’re continuing to improve our value to our customers on a daily basis, due in large part to our large and active developer community. Without the thousands of developers publishing their hot apps every month, we wouldn’t be what we are and we’re very grateful to them all for their support and dedication. We are happy to pay an ever-increasing number of developers each month – they are proving that consumers pay for adult entertainment willingly, when the offer and delivery mechanisms are right.

As we start developing against our roadmap for 2012, we thought we’d share some of our most interesting data more broadly. As we said, we think it paints a bright future for 3rd party app markets in the Android universe. There’s a lot of potential out there for focused teams!

One funny coincidence: DC ranked highest in the entire year for greatest number of searches and requests for “deep throat” related apps.   Perhaps they are still looking for the true secret informant in the watergate scandal?

MiKandi, The Adult App Market 2011 Infographic


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  2. Hey, I really like the way how it works. Hopefully in 2012, there are more and more great apps in this market!


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