Sideloading Redux


We’ve been getting a ton of emails from frustrated AT&T customers with Android phones.  In case you didn’t know, AT&T has blocked all non-Market apps on their Androids.  LAME!

But in the words of the New Boyz, folks are saying “You can’t tie me down” to AT&T and the Android Market (we need variety!).  A couple of months ago, the good folks at Android Central released the Android Central Sideload Wonder Machine which allows you to sidestep AT&T’s restrictions… no rooting required!

Just this week, another sideload tutorial found its way into our inbox.  This time it’s specifically for the Dell Streak.  And, again, no rooting required! Its reversible and doesn’t affect your warranty.

From Android Headlines:

Here’s how to loosen AT&T’s stifling grip on your factory condition (build 6601) Dell Streak:

  1. Dial *#*#307#*#* on your Streak. Other than a quick flash on the screen, it will look like nothing has happened.
  2. Go to your app drawer/program menu and tap a new icon labeled EMList. If the icon is not there, turn off the Streak. It should be there when you turn it on again.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and tap app_security.
  4. Tap update unknown resource property to enable it.

That’s it!

To confirm that it worked, press the Home button followed by Menu -> Settings -> Applications. You should now see the “Unknown sources” option. Now you can download and install any 1.6-compatible app you find with ease!

To uninstall EMList, dial *#*#308#*#* on your Streak.

And there you have it!  Enjoy all of those juicy non-Market apps, you big app-playa, you.  😉