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So we're giving you some memes to go with your memes. With all the holiday madness this time of year we could all use a good laugh. I've gathered a plethora of dank memes to get your mind off of the...
This hilarious one night stand infographic from Unbound starts with the essential question: Would you hit it again?
Check out this hilarious new mockumentary, Gigahoes, following around futuristic sex robots and their brothel owner.
Planning your Christmas day activities with your family? Here's one you might want to keep off your Pinterest board- spreading the holiday cheer by reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas whilst riding a Sybian saddle vibrator. This activity is...
Halloween is a night to let loose and dress up in your silliest, scariest, or sexiest costume. And while I love a sexy Halloween costume, there are definitely some that just don't need to be a thing. 1. Sexy Gizmo Don't...