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Updated Jan, 4th 2018: Newton's campaign has ended successfully thanks to the generous pledges and incredible support of 1,361 backers (aka Newtonians)! In the coming weeks, we will be verifying our gold promo's participants. We look forward to awarding...
ALERT: This is the final call to get your wildest, wackiest and most thought-provoking questions ready for this evening's AMA with Newton and the Apple Tree creators Laplacian. The live event will be hosted by MiKandi Japan and Sol Press...
MiKandi Japan has partnered with Sol Press and Japanese game makers Laplacian to localize their new adult visual novel Newton and the Apple Tree into English. The Kickstarter project launched on December 1st and blazed to it's goal of $31,200 USD...
The app-enabled sex toy company Lovense has been charged with storing recordings of people without their knowledge.
But you have to give them to Facebook first.
The crowdfunding site Patreon has “clarified” their stance around pornography, resulting in sex workers and writers getting the boot.
One of the best things about having awesome customer engagement software, (cough, Apptentive, cough) is that we get to listen to your feedback in real time. One of the biggest requests is new adult comics, and I'm happy to...
Our review of Reading Aloud With My Hot Teacher', created by Rui Aimi, with art by Kanade Kisaragi and brought to you by FunGuild and MiKandi Japan. This Teen's Love adult manga is a must-have!
The online communities of illustrators are vast, with work ranging from cute comics to gory monsters to XXX-rated hentai content. However, options for sharing, consuming, and making money off of adult-themed content just got a little bit smaller, as...
Demand for more Japanese erotics games and content sees MiKandi respond with new content, starting with hentai visual novel 'Welcome to Se-rua Academy Creampie Festival' from Japanese doujin game creator Softhouse-Seal.
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