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First impressions are everything. For many, your icon is the first point of contact betweeen potential customers and your app. It’s important to consider that it may be the only data some have to go on when they decide whether or not to download your app. If they do download, the app icon design needs to keep making a good impression every time the customer looks at their phone. On top of that, your icon will be completing with an average of 95 apps on Android devices. Do your app icons have what it takes to grab users’ attention? If not, it could be costing you downloads, app starts, or even encouraging users to uninstall. Here are our app icon design tips for your adult app.

Show discretion

You might have designed the sexiest adult app in the world, but that’s not going to matter is users uninstall it because they’re embarrassed of the icon. I might hold the world record for number of porn apps on an Android, and even I wince when the icon of a porn app I download is a close-up shot of engorged, suction-cupped genitals.

That’s not to say that you should avoid sexual icons altogether. Sexual context is expected but avoid using overly graphic images, such as close-ups of genitalia and photos of extreme sex positions. If you must use photos, incorporate some design elements to make it more interesting to the eye.

Schoolgirl Run adult game, Private XXX porn app, and Fap Ninja hentai game

Keep it simple

Make efficient use of small space. Cluttering your app with unnecessary elements, graphics, or text will only distract the eye. You should avoid text if you can, but it not, use it sparingly. Try to convey your app’s function through clever graphic design and color. Take these three icons. The Jiggler is a simulation app where you can move (jiggle) a 3D animated character, Flappy Boob is a funny 8-bit game of a flying breast, and Wasteland is a BDSM/fetish channel in MiKandi Theater.

The Jiggler adult app, Flappy Boob adult game, and Wasteland BDSM channel
Grindr and Scruff adult gay dating apps
Grindr and Scruff adult gay dating apps

That said, sometimes less isn’t more. If there isn’t enough definition in the icon, if it incorporates frequently used imagery (like a silhouette of a woman or red lips), or uses a common color palette, it could be hard to differeniate it from other apps.

Be consistent

If you have multiple adult apps in MiKandi, you might want to consider using a unified design style across your apps. Creating a brand identity will help customers quickly recognize your products. Take these apps by Lusty Lizard, for example.



Both the major app stores have their own design guidelines. You’re not bound of either of them in MiKandi, though we prefer Google’s Material Design if you want to choose one. At the very least, they’re a great place to start.

Google Design Guidelines

Apple Design Guidelines

If neither of the above tickle your fancy, there are loads of free tutorials online, best practices, and guidelines. You can even download some free icons to get you started. Here are some of our favorites.

Note: Updated to feature adult gay dating apps Gindr and Scruff.


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