MiKandi interviews virtual reality app developer, Spacebear7778, the creator of Sexmate VR HD Deluxe, Anime Run 3D, MiKi Kiss VR 2017 and many more!

Tell us about yourself: I’m an indie underground developer known as DRAGON972 also known as SPACEBEAR7778.

How did you get your start in game design? When I was a young child I started drawing and creating video games using my Atari computer & Casio calculator. Since then I’ve never stopped creating. Now I make mobile games that are mostly Japanese anime-type games and virtual reality (VR).

What tools do you use to create your games? I use UNITY and MikuMikuDance to make most of my creations, that’s why I still make a lot of MMD VIDEOS for Youtube and other sites.

Why did you decide to branch out into adult games? My adult apps were rejected by Google Play which led me to discover MiKandi. I wanted to make a sexy, funny app but I was always limited with Google Play.

What was the first app you created? And what did you learn from it? My first popular Android game was “MIKU RUN 3D”(no longer available), now you can find it under the name “ANIME RUN 3D” featuring my anime-waifu character, LIME.
I learned a lot from this app, like how updates are important and I learned how to deal with success, criticism and more. This app made me grow a lot as a game developer.

If you’d like to check out more apps by Spacebear7778 you can find them on the MiKandi Adult App Store! 


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