Tell us a little about yourself.
Hi my name is Klanco and I’m a programmer/designer. After finishing my programming course I started getting interested with HTML5 games and after reading a post from Jesse in a forum inviting people to make adult games I decided to make one of my own. The result was Punk Girl.

Was this your first HTML5 based game?  What did you learn from the experience? 
This was my very first HTML 5 game and also my first professional attempt at making games. All I can say is that this stuff is hard! Lots of long nights of programming, designing and animating.

What tools did you use to create your adult game?
The whole game was made in HTML5 using the Create JS framework. To port it to mobile I used Cocoon JS (a neat virtual machine to run html5 in OS, Android and Blackberry devices). The animations were made with a Flash Plugin call DragonBones, It’s an awesome plugin that lets you make skeletal animations in Flash and the export them to javascript check it out! ( The sounds come from (You can’t use sounds from porn sites because they are copyrighted (even the amateur ones!)) and I tweaked a lot using audacity.The punk song playing during the game is from this guy There are a lot of songs in that site but be sure to ask for permission before using them. The UI and backgrounds were made in Photoshop.

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