If you’ve been around the MiKandi block for awhile, you may have seen Hentai Share, a sort of Facebook-style community for Hentai lovers. Hentai Share has become one of the most popular social apps available on MiKandi with over 90,000 downloads and it’s because it has a great dev behind it that listens to customers’ grievances and improves upon them. I had the opportunity to interview Assassin Shadow, the man behind the hot Hentai screens, and learn more about him and how he ventured into the world of adult apps.

How long have you been developing mobile apps and how did you get into developing adult-themed apps?

I am fairly young with mobile developing. Honestly, I am 20 years old and I only got into proper coding at the age 15. My first app was a pretty decent app called Money Generator. The idea of that app was to auto click links like Adfly and Linkbux and change the IP per click. It was doing well until the Google Playstore took it down. I needed the money at that time hence was thinking what app to make next. Whatever ideas I had just didn’t sit well with me, either due to the fact that I was a total noob with programming or just that it was a bad idea in general. Browsing for apps on the Playstore(adult apps) I realized that some very crappy looking adult apps were getting over a million downloads. They were just some links to a website displayed in the form of an app. I thought to myself, I’m gonna change that.

I started pushing out quality adult apps on the Playstore. My first adult-themed app was Hentai Share. The original Hentai Share which was on Playstore was a web gallery with the ability to chat with other users and upload images. The original was very simple compared to the Hentai Share we all know of today. As soon as that app reached 30,000 downloads (less than a month) Google changed their policies and started kicking us developers out. Kinda saw that one coming.

Tell us about one of your apps: how long did it take you, what was your target market and are there any specific features that you are especially fond of?

While the original Hentai Share took less than an hour to make, the current Hentai Share took about 2 months worth of work(all versions). It would have taken less if I was a PROgrammer (excuse the pun), but I’m still just learning as I go.

While working with Hentai Share I got to learn four different programming languages. Hentai Share is my favorite app, and I keep coming back to work on it to make it better when I’m done working with other apps. My favorite target market is the US because the retention is generally high and I haven’t gotten many US spammers. My least favorite is the ones who just sign up and then leave a comment stating something along the lines of “Hi, any girls here?” or “Any girl want sex”, no emphasis on grammar whatsoever. My favorite feature for Hentai Share at the moment is the Group Chat mode. I think its catching on soon. And the second most favorite would be a feature in the beta Hentai Share that allows users to upload GIFs which then get resized by Google drive to thumbnails for previewing and then the final size, making life easier for the users.

What are your plans for the future of the app?

I want Hentai Share to be the best adult app out there, second to MiKandi of course ^_^ Once Hentai Share or anyone of my apps starts making a million or close enough a year my end goal is to use the revenue from those apps as fuel for the ones in need. Someday I’m going to make a sanctuary for the homeless and have farms and stuff in it to take on their need to feed. Hope I can get there someday and help the people in need ^_^ .

Check out Hentai Share and more apps from Assassin Shadow on MiKandi today!


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