Hey there, App Stars!

We want to for all your patience with us as we released a major (and we mean major) update to MiKandi. We know the transition hasn’t been entirely smooth sailing and we greatly appreciate all your support and patience with us as we iron out some big kinks. We’ve been working around the clock to resolve the known issues related to the release of the new MiKandi Publisher Portal.

When we wrote our first lines of MiKandi code six years ago, we were a budding startup made up of a group of friends in Seattle. Our codebase reflected that – young, big, and fueled by caffeine. As MiKandi grew to the largest adult app store in the world, we experienced growing pains. Our codebase was getting unruly and we spent more time on maintenance vs growing the platform. So we dedicated 2014 to restructuring from one large convoluted codebase to a scalable, micro-service architecture. We drew a lot of inspiration from Netflix. If you’ve got a few minutes, check out their awesome tech blog:


In the past month, we’ve started rolling out the new portal and began the intense process of migrating everything over to the new services. We’re now in a better position to build new features faster.

We’re focused on three things this year:

  • Getting more customers through the door.
  • Creators like you.
  • Customer experience.

More customers

We’ve secured great traffic deals to get MiKandi on more devices andin front of more adults. We’ll be launching our affiliate program too, as well as powerful affiliate tools such as HTML5 games and Android app feeds for webmasters to drive more traffic to the app store and your apps.

Creators like you

Over the past couple years, we’ve noticed a big shift in the way customers pay (and why they pay) for entertainment online. People love to rally behind creators. Live cam performers, artists, and indie game developers instinctively know this. When you have the mindset of “fans, not users,” you end up creating very different products. Adult content is highly personal, so we believe changing the conversation from “paying for porn” to “supporting the creator” of your favorite content will help attract more loyal fans and ultimately paying customers. In the upcoming months, we’ll be releasing features and products that encourage this behavior.

Focusing on the creators of adult content also means that we are opening up our app store to support different types content. In addition to apps and video, we’re excited to announce that we will soon support ebooks and comics. Which brings me to…

Customer experience

Once the customer gets through the door, it’s all of our jobs to keep them coming back for more. We’ll continue to feature and promote well-designed apps but we’ve also made it a top priority to reduce the clutter andweed out the spammy distractions. In our efforts to clean up the store, we are more proactively scanning and removing bad apples. People are already cautious of adult entertainment companies, so spammy apps can quickly destroy the trust of our hard earned customers.

Increasing buyer confidence goes hand in hand with customer experience. We’re working to improve the purchase flow and adding more payment options. We are currently going through the approval process of adding a very well known mainstream payment processor, which requires us to check all apps. The process of publishing apps may take a few more days than usual, but as anyone in the adult industry knows, having the right billing system in place can make or break the business. We’re excited to make an announcement on this development soon.

We’re also collaborating with game designers to create engaging adult games based on user requests. If you’re developing adult games too, we’d love to hear from you! If you ever want to pick our brains about we think will resonate with our customers, please don’t hesitate to contact us. I can tellyou today that hentai, live cam, and adult games are our top search terms.

Additionally, we are beefing up our video player and releasing rich native comic and e-book readers so that fans of your content have the best experience on mobile. Adult comics and books are stifled on the mainstream app stores, so we’re excited to offer a welcoming place for adult comic artists and authors to share their creations.

On behalf of all of us, thank you for your support and for helping us grow MiKandi into the #1 trusted source for adult apps. We couldn’t have done it without you.


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