I’m Blackdisney. I’ve been a Brooklyn based animator/ illustrator for the past decade who uses Flash and Unity 3d to make my content. When Adobe made it possible to export .APK & .IPA files, I started making cartoon apps. I had a Google account ( Gmail, Youtube, etc). Google Play was great at first. It seemed to have a lot more freedom than the Apple App Store, whose censorship rivals the Roman Catholic Church during the Inquisition. I couldn’t put out straight porn but I could put out R rated content and that was cool with me.

MiKandi Porn Apps - Pinky Animations
Pinky XXX Touch

I had a lot of great inspiration from other developers with their boob-shaking, booty-twerking, scree- washing sexy ladies. I managed to put up 16 apps with some really beautifully animated content. Then it happened. Google Play started changing their content policies and developers started falling off. During the first wave of change I found Mikandi, a market where you can really let loose and get nasty. I put up X-rated versions of my Bootytoonz app and got a couple thousand downloads. I kept both accounts and figured I’d do clean & dirty versions of my apps, but in late March of 2014, it happened again.

MiKandi Porn Apps - Che Smack
Che Mack Inked

Google made another content policy change and this time it led to my account being suspended for what they termed multiple violations. None of my Google Play apps showed nudity. The most you saw were G-string clad women, but even when I made revisions on my Roxy Reynolds app, covering up her booty with some granny panties, it still got flagged along with TheBodyxxx app and a few others which were on the market for a while. All my work, my stats, customer base and growing monthly revenue went down the drain with the flick of a switch.  It hurts that adults are getting punished for excercising our God given freedom of expression. Google Play is now nothing but the B side of the AppStore, Apple  2.0. A lot of games but no real eye candy. I made a puzzle game app for Pinkyxxx that got over 10,000 downloads in less than a month and Google took that down too.

At the end of the day though its cool because I found a home with MiKandi. They made an app market that treats adults like adults. Come through and check out backalleytoonz cartoon apps & games for the grown & sexy.

MiKandi Porn Apps - Caramel Kitten
Caramel Kitten Twerk

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