A few months ago, MiKandi released our Direct Inward Link feature, which allows developers to direct visitors straight to their porn app in the MiKandi App Market. These links make it easy for developers to promote their apps through social networks such as Twitter. But did you know that you can also use Twitter to reach out to pornstars directly for content to use in your apps? (Follow us on Twitter @MiKandiStore) ย We found one registered MiKandi developer doing just that, and doing it well. This week we asked Leroy ofย AndroidPornApps to share his insight and tips on grabbing the attention of adult performers through Twitter, promoting his apps using direct inward link, and a recent misunderstanding with Brazzers over their affiliate program guidelines (Are you an affiliate using promotional material in your app? See this blog post before you publish!)

Guest Blogger: Leroy,@AndroidPornApps

Leroy- I am delighted to be invited to write a blog article for this blog. I have been designing small apps for about 3-4 months. As soon as I found out that Flash CS5 had the ability to publish straight to Android, I thought it was a fantastic way of getting involved with Android apps.

I have used Flash since its macromedia days before Adobe took over. I think I started on Flash 5. I have also been designing web sites for approximately 10 years. I mainly designed web sites for glamour models and pornstars. I was lucky enough to be recommended through word of mouth and saw my business grow. But, as my family grew and time constraints became an issue I had to look for full-time work and hence found myself working behind a desk in a local government office working in the housing department. But, as my family have started to grow older and I have a little more spare time on my hands, I decided to get involved again in the porn industry. I set up a few blogs and web sites and promoted Brazzers (Juggcash) and for a few years I was earning good money in my spare time, but over the past few years my sign ups have dried up and I decided to divert into Android Apps.

I’m by no means an expert programmer and I have found the gulf between coding in ActionScript 2 and coding in ActionScript 3 a bit extreme, but with the huge amount of tutorials and working open source code online, I have been able to publish a few apps in no time at all. I initially just want to make Android apps using Brazzers promo material, but I have had a few issues with Brazzers not allowing me to use their promotional materials that are available to use on any web site. I’m hoping that issue can be addressed as I really enjoy working with Brazzers. The photographs and videos are amazing and the pornstars are the best around.

So I had to find new content to use to create my Android apps. I have found that Twitter is an amazing way of communicating directly with pornstars who maybe interested in getting an app designed especially for themselves to help promote their own web sites. I have been able to create small Android porn apps that have a direct link to their web sites. Following pornstars is simple, and then getting a pornstar to notice your tweet to them is straight forward. I have found that being polite and getting straight to the point in 127 words the best practise. I would then ask them to email me if they want more information about my proposals.

Twitter is also the best way of promoting my apps once I have published them onto MiKandi.com. ย I find that releasing a tweet with a direct link to the app on MiKandi can really get my apps noticed and downloaded very quickly. I also direct my Twitter followers to my blog when I post a new article about any new ideas or up and coming apps that I may be working on.

I have also just opened a new Android app forum that I am hoping with generate members to come and promote their own apps and talk about anything Android.

Follow me on Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/AndroidPornApps

Visit my blog : http://www.androidpornapps.blogspot.com

Please join my Android Forum : http://www.androidappsforum.freeforums.org

Email me : leroys-list@hotmail.co.uk

Happy Apping!


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Nina Mercedez
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