In just a few minutes, you can easily upload and sell your hentai manga, doujin and adult comics to millions of fans around the world. Log into your publisher account on and on Comics > Comic Upload to get started. Don’t see this section? Request an account upgrade.

Comic Information

  • Comic icon. Please don’t upload perfect square icons, like app icons, but rather rectangular cover art.
  • Comic title. If you have a number of titles in a series, please append the title with the book number.
  • Short and long descriptions. We strongly suggest including the number of pages in your description, as well as relevant content genres (futanari, artbook, etc.).
  • Screenshots. Screenshots aren’t limited to portrait images, so if you’ve created compelling landscape art, please feel free to upload it. In fact, it looks better than a portrait screenshot IMO.
  • Pricing if applicable. If you intend to sell your comics, please enter your sales price in MiKandi Gold. The ratio of Gold to USD is 1:$0.01.

Accepted file formats

We currently accept portrait JPG images that are compressed into ZIP or CBZ folders. Please name your JPGs in the following convention: 001.jpg, 002.jpg, …, and so on. Alternatively, 01.jpg, 02.jpg,… and 0001.jpg, 0002.jpg, … are also acceptable as long as your naming convention is consistent and consecutive.

Author information

For some accounts, the publisher, author, artist, etc. are the same. If you have collaborated with co-creators, you can attribute them here. MiKandi customers will be able to browse your co-creators’ other available works through the Author Information box in your comic’s detail page.

Please note that we will only remit payment to the account holder in the account holder’s name. See “Manage Account” for your account holder information.

Feedback, questions, concerns?

We want to hear from you! Shoot us an email with your questions and suggestions. If there’s something you think we can improve on and a new feature that would really help you sell your adult comics, let us know.


  1. I have drawn some comic books of Simpsons and Family Guy, but in lesbian genre. Can tou accept them, anyways??


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