After you’ve registered your MiKandi Publisher account, you can begin uploading your adult apps and games on by going to the Apps tab.

Note: Since Comics and eBooks are not APK files, they aren’t uploaded in the Apps section.

Step 1: App Details

app details
App Details

On this screen, enter your app title, the APK file, descriptions, app type, category, tags, and contact email. Please enter an address customers can reach you at. If you don’t enter a contact email address, we will display your registered email.

Step 2: Graphic Assets

app assets
Graphic Assets

This is where you upload your icons and screenshots. We strongly recommend you upload a couple of screenshots for each device size if your app is available for phones and tablets. You can also upload a demo video if you have one.


Step 3: Pricing

Pricing your adult app
Pricing your adult app

The ratio of MiKandi Gold to US Dollar is 1 Gold = $0.01 USD. If your app is free to download, enter 0 in the App Price field. Otherwise, enter its price in MiKandi Gold. If you’re offering in-app payments through KandiLibs, enter the minimum and maximum in-app prices.

Lastly, you must confirm again that you’re the copyright owner of the content in your apps, or that you’ve been granted distribution rights by the copyright owner. If you no longer own the copyrights or distribution rights to the content in your adult apps, log into your account right away and unpublish them. Additionally, you must confirm again that your content is compliant with 18 U.S.C. 2257.

Specifically, these regulations apply to content featuring real people. If your app contains only adult animations, artwork, or fiction, 18. U.S.C. 2257 doesn’t apply. However, we’d still like you to check this box. If your app features actual people, be sure it display the Custodian of Records. If  it doesn’t, update the apps accordingly or remove them from MiKandi.


Step 4: Publish

You can save your progress at anytime by hitting Save. This will not publish your app. We do this in two steps for a couple of reasons:

  1. To ensure you have filled out all the required information in both the app listing and your account profile.
  2. In case you’re not ready to make your app live.

All apps, free or paid, must be approved by a MiKandi admin before they’re available live in the app store. Please allow 3-4 days for apps to be reviewed and processed. Once your app is published you can use your app’s Direct Inward Link to drive traffic to your app listing. You can also submit your app for consideration for our App of the Week campaign and our Featured Lists.


We’re here to help. Shoot us an email at


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