Founder of NSFW Games Mike Avery answers my questions about the studio’s debut adult release, Glory Hole Arcade – currently available for download in the MiKandi Store. Read on to learn about the inspiration behind the game’s storyline, and what we can look forward to seeing from NFW Games.

Did Glory Hole Arcade mark the launch of NSFW Games?

Glory Hole Arcade is the first title for NSFW games. It is also available as a web version on I’ve been kicking around adult game prototypes for a few years and I’ve done a number of non-adult mobile projects that helped get my skills up to speed. I also run a site called where I’ve been reviewing adult games since 2007.

How did reviewing adult games for the better part of a decade inform your first adult release?

If anything, it made me aware of the variety of adult games and the range of quality in those titles. I think there is sometimes a perception that “slam bam, thank you ma’am” is enough for an adult game. Some developers may be dedicated, but don’t always have the time or experience to really think about gameplay, or polish user experience. Of course there are some notable exceptions; I really like Bonetown and 3DXChat a lot to name a couple. With GHA, I tried to bring some of my experience in mainstream development to really focus on gameplay and polishing.

What inspired NSFW Games?

To be honest, I was looking at a lot of the adult titles on mobile and I wasn’t seeing much that was really interesting to me. There were a few decent games but almost nothing that had the kind of original and polished gameplay that you see in the better mainstream titles. I wanted to create something that was raunchy, fun, polished and had some depth to the gameplay. An original game that had the feel and action of a more mainstream game like Fruit Ninja.

How was Glory Hole Arcade conceived?

GHA is actually a trimmed down version of a more ambitious project that I had in development and will probably revive again at some point. The original project was more of an in-depth role playing game where you lived in the back of the adult bookstore and worked your way into a (hopefully) better situation by dealing with various seedy characters, stripper roommates and sleeping on mom’s couch. This of course involved a lot of sex, drugs and compromising situations. I liked the idea of something really gritty and sleazy that had a touch of social commentary and humor. Ultimately that project was taking too long to complete so I opted for a shorter snappier arcade version of just the glory hole part.


Does the NSFW Games team come from within the adult industry or the sex positive community?

The team is mainly myself and a few talented individuals that help out with art and sound. Penerotic was a great fit for creating the right look of sexy cartoon fun. I’m not an active member of the sex positive community, but I certainly support and admire all the great stuff they are doing.

What motivates you to contribute to the mobile industry’s adult audience?

I’m a firm believer that without porn and the military we would still be living in caves. I’d rather create games about sex than guns. I’m also attracted to smaller niche audiences as the mainstream game market is much too competitive. Most mainstream games don’t even get seen or played by anyone. At least I know that when I publish a game through MiKandi there is a dedicated audience who will find it, play it and hopefully enjoy it. Plus, I love porn and game development so it’s a good fit.

What are the biggest challenges of producing adult content for mobile?

The main challenge for creating adult mobile content is really the distribution side. None of the mainstream app stores support adult content so reaching an audience and monetizing your game is the tricky part. Fortunately, MiKandi has created a great adult friendly ecosystem and was very supportive all through development and release. I wouldn’t have bothered creating a mobile adult title without them.


What releases can we expect to see from NSFW in the future?

I’ve had a lot of feedback on GHA to add things like additional characters, purchasable items and various other enhancements. There is also interest in reviving the RPG version which could be a lot of fun. I have another project on the slow burner which is a sex industry tycoon game. You basically run a fantasy office environment where creating the content is an integral part of the business. Kind of a sex sim meets Game Dev Studio.


Would future GHA add-ons be available for purchase or have to be earned in gameplay?

I’m not a big fan of in-game purchases, so would prefer to focus on a pay once, unlock through gameplay model. For GHA, I would add things like additional characters, power-uppers and maybe environments. I think these would add a lot of replay value and high level goals that would be really great. If I do the RPG version, that would likely be a separate title.

If budget and technological constraints weren’t present, what would your ideal adult game for mobile look like?

On the technology side I’d like to do an augmented reality app once room tracking and hand controls become common on mobile devices. Something where you can have a personal playmate who lives in your real space. I’m actually working on a couple of virtual reality projects for the HTC Vive right now so I can really envision how that will work. The technology to do that currently exists, but it’s quite clunky and expensive. If I had a bigger budget I would probably accelerate development on the aforementioned tycoon game.


Glory Hole Arcade is available for download in the MiKandi App Store here.


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