The folks at Mindcutter are the brilliant minds behind one of MiKandi’s most popular 3DX lewd games, Stroker@Zuzu. Chances are you’ve seen their work before in SFW projects under a different name. Now, this team puts their years of developed skill into some of the best original lewd games you’ll ever see on your Android.

Read on to learn more about Mindcutter, their background, 3D GSpot, and the new Stroker lewd game series.

Tell us a little about yourselves.

We were born in Asia and emigrated to the U.S. in the 1980’s. Our parents always surrounded us with the tools necessary to create anything. My brother and I, Ron and Mel, can’t remember a time when we didn’t creatively tinker. From robots made out of mud to drawing pixelated sprites (i.e.”Pitfall”) on graph paper. That creativity has erupted once again by wholly creating for our site

Doppelganger Alpha available at

What led to your interest in animation?

Like everyone else that loves animation, from watching cartoons. We took it a bit further and started studying and mimicking many greats of the animation world; Disney, Freleng, Jones, Bluth, Miyazaki, and more.

How long have you been creating 3D animations?

We started in the late 1980s. At that time, no university, college nor technical school offered a degree in computer animation so we had to learn traditional animation, basic computer science, traditional art, cinematography then teach ourselves the 3d software available then. As the years rolled by we became more in demand to direct, choreograph, model, animate, motion capture, etc, etc, everything except programming for video games, films and commercials.

Is your background primarily in character animation or computer animation?

As for our digital background I’m modeler and post. My brother is primarily an animator and illustrator but since there are only a few of us in 3dspot we tend to do everything and anything just to finish the piece with smiles on our faces.

How do you feel about emerging technologies and devices, like VR headsets and Hololens? Do you foresee bringing your creations to new platforms?

Yes, we are very excited about anything that will heighten the “experience” and developing our characters for these next gen products. We plan to develop for VR this year.

What programs do you use to create your characters and animations?

We use the standard creative software from Adobe for pre and post production. For 3d we mainly use Maya.


What software or engine did you use to develop your popular lewd game Stroker@Zuzu?

We used Unity 3d.

Can you describe your process of developing a new character? (Their personality, story, voice, characteristics, etc).

We actually look at setting and environment first. In Zuzu’s case we thought of the house of candy first then “fit” the girl that is appropriate to that set or stage. We don’t pull a character out of her environment until she has a certain amount of fame. With the environment realized, we then have an easier time developing the character’s personality and sexuality.

What are you working on now? Any upcoming projects?

We are constantly working on new mobile, pc and video projects. Muzette@Stroker is being developed right now. It is a period piece work that is dark and much more intense. We hope that our audience would treat us well for this one also. We are trying to create 4 Strokers this year.


Will we see more of Zuzu and Piggybear, or will fans have new friends to play with?

Zuzu is actually our rendition of a certain fairy tale character. Not gonna tell you who since that could spoil the surprise for the next installment of Zuzu but this fairy tale character was originally very scary and demented. We think Piggybear might not survive.

What advice would you give creators, animators, and developers who want to create lewd games?

First is resolve that you will finish the project. Then decide what type of game you would like to create. An interactive, puzzle, fps, etc. Then consider your budget of time, money and assets on hand. Then write out the achievable steps to finish the project and finally find a great partner (like MiKandi) to help each other.


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