I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Transmorpher DDS, the creator behind Banana Cream Cake, the latest addition to the MiKandi Adult Comic platform. I became a fan of Banana Cream Cake while perusing delectable futanari adult comics, and am thrilled to see these titles make their way to the MiKandi Adult App Store.

Read on to learn more about Transmorpher DDS, his inspiration, and how he turned sweet innocent custard into a salacious comic treat. You’ll never look at the dessert tray the same way again.

What or who inspired you to take the step into erotic artwork and adult comics?

The two main figures were my good friend Rainbow-Flyer, who already works in adult comics with the website Filthy Figments, and the co-creator of BCC, Dr. Sharktopus. I actually drew the first three chapters of the comic simply on commission from Dr. Sharktopus… he came up with the initial premise and a few of the characters, and we actually talked often about the story and I helped to flesh everything out into a more cohesive world. Rainbow-Flyer, however, encouraged me to set aside my embarrassment and just focus on doing something I enjoyed doing and felt like I could make a living with, even if it is lewd work that I wouldn’t be able to share with everyone I know.

Can you describe your art station set up? What tools do you use?

I have a large artists table with a laptop set up on top of it. Most artists I know do all their work digitally, but I still draw with pencils on bristol paper and ink with a variety of micron pens. I keep my laptop open at all times so I can listen to music or look up reference for poses. I have a large reference folder, though really it’s just a collection of porn that I like. I do all the coloring and lettering in Photoshop… I just find it easier to do all the work in one program, rather than opening the same file in multiple programs to do all the different steps. I have a very uncomplicated outlook when it comes to my art… I don’t like to experiment with filters and effects… I’ve watched some other artists streaming and they often end up with a huge stack of Photoshop layers for every piece they do, while I generally manage to keep it under 6.

What is the story behind ‘Banana Cream Cake’?

12-20-lowresThe story follows Jenna Del Ricci, a 36 year old widowd single mother who also happens to a prophesied being called the “Mother-Father” which, among other things, means that she was born with a cock and a pussy, and a supernatural level of libido and stamina. Her life is being subtly manipulated by the nun Anastasia, who is disguised as the headmistress to the catholic girls’ school that Jenna’s daughter, Karen, attends. Anastasia is grooming her for some kind of ritual, though the details are still a mystery. The comic uses a story arc format similar to what is often seen in television dramas… where there is one large overarching plot, but where individual issues don’t always progress that particular story thread forward, but rather focus on character development and relationships.

The name comes almost entirely from the first chapter, which is available for free on MiKandi. In that chapter Jenna accidentally discovers that her sperm is magically delicious and addicting to other women, and starts to sell it as a topping on desserts in her bakery. I had the idea that she should market it as “Banana Cream”, since it all comes from her own personal “banana”. Dr. Sharktopus liked the gag enough that he felt it would work as the name of the comic, and after toying with it a bit we came up with Banana Cream Cake.

Who’s your favorite character to draw?

It’s hard to say, but I think it would have to be Lily, Jenna’s assistant at the bakery. She’s the first character that I really designed on my own and came up with most of her personality traits. She’s built around a lot more of my own fetishes, being fit but not muscular, dyed hair, shiny caramel skin and a huge booty.

Who are some artists or creators that inspire you?

Obviously I have to start by bringing up Rainbow-Flyer again. We’re very close, so I can not only get her advice as a seasoned adult comics artist, but also just share tips back and forth about our art and stories. Aside from her I’ve actually been really inspired by other artists who I’ve seen creating adult comics and finding other ways to fund themselves, like Patreon. People like Totempole, who makes The Cummoner, or KennoArkkan, who does Life With Fel, and funds himself by selling erotic side-stories with the characters form the comic. I’ve also been more directly inspired by Doxy, in that I’ve actually followed a number of his tutorials to improve my own art.


What are you working on right now?

Right now I’m still working on Banana Cream Cake, making sure that it updates every day. It’s kind of important to me to keep up this schedule, because I feel like it’s something that helps the comic stand out… I’m not aware of any other erotic comics that update daily in full color. On Sundays, though, Rainbow Flyer donates her time and energy to produce a prequel story called Banana Sundae, whereas I actually create a side series exclusively on Patreon. It’s called Side Dishes, and as much of it as possible is guided by Patrons… each Sunday after a page updates patrons post suggestions on what they think should happen in the next page, then on Wednesday we create a poll and decide what will actually happen in the page. Then on Sunday I draw the next page, and it all continues from there. We’ve actually written and drawn a completed story like this, and we’re working on a separate chapter now. It uses the same characters that appear in Banana Cream Cake, but places them in an entirely different setting.

What are some of your upcoming projects?

For now I’m simply continuing with Banana Cream Cake and Side Dishes. I’m in the very early stages of starting work on a Visual Novel set in the Banana Cream Cake universe, which is being helmed by a friend fo mine. However, there’s nothing to show for it at the moment, and as it’s the first time either of us has attempted something like this I can’t even say for sure whether it will ever be finished, but it’s exciting to start looking at different mediums.

MOAR Transmorpher DDS!

Futanari fan? Check out Transmorpher DDS’s work on Banana Cream Cake’s website. You can also support this adult comic artist on Patreon or by purchasing his adult comics in the MiKandi AdultApp Store.

Banana Cream Cake issues available

1Banana Cream Cake Chapter 1

Jenna Del Ricci is a doting mother and hardworking baker… though she’s also a futanari with a large, needy cock. After neglecting herself for three days her urge to masturbate is pushed to its limit, and the sight of her big bottomed assistant pushes her over the edge, and she sneaks away to messily self-pleasure. The first chapter in a long-running Patreon-funded series. This chapter is presented free of charge, with 13 comic pages, two pages in color, plus a full color comic cover.

2Banana Cream Cake Chapter 2

Jenna struggles with the morality of selling her addicting sperm in her bakery, but soon finds herself at home to the sight of her daughter’s barely 18 friends trying on bikinis as they prepare for their spring break vacation. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure has been spying on Jenna, hinting that her virility and sexuality is more than simple hormones. 18 black and white pages, with a color cover. Presented free of charge.

3Banana Cream Cake Chapter 3

Jenna joins her daughter, Karen, at the beach to chaperone her spring break vacation. However, all the stimulation proves overwhelming, and while she tries to clear her head she encounters a young Brittish woman who drives her wild with lust. However, there seems to be more to this muscular young woman than meets the eye… 18 pages in black and white, with one colored illustration and a color cover. Offered free of charge.

4Banana Cream Cake Chapter 4

After returning home after losing her virginity to a girl whose name she doesn’t even know, Jenna is elated when the mysterious young girl finds her at work. The young girl activates Jenna’s lust, putting her into a lust fueled craze. Her need for release becomes so intense she ends up fucking a large wedding cake, though the real fun starts when her beautiful assistant comes in to work… however, the toll on her body is more than anyone was prepared for. 21 pages presented in greyscale, offered for free.

5Banana Cream Cake Chapter 5

After being overtaken by her lust Jenna has exhausted herself and finds herself waking up in the hospital. There she meets the flashy and amazingly busty Dr. Cleopatra Feelgood, who helps to examine Jenna’s supernatural lust and sexual prowess, using her own massive breasts as her tools. 15 pages of hot action, with one color illustration and a full color cover. Available for just $1.

6Banana Cream Cake Chapter 6

After recovering from her exhaustion due to a magical spell, Jenna finally returns to work, though she has to deal with the awkwardness with her assistant Lily after having sex with her while overcome with the lust spell. However, she’s surprised by Lily’s reaction, and soon an erotic scene unfolds. Presented in greyscale shading with 17 pages and a full color cover.

7Banana Cream Cake Chapter 7

The Brittish punk finds Jenna again, convincing her to sneak into the same catholic school her own daughter attends. Jenna is shown a glory hole hidden deep within the halls prepared just for her. On the other side could be anyone, but it’s secretly a young girl she knows well… Presented in 14 greyscale pages, plus one bonus greyscale comic strip and a fully colored cover.

8Banana Cream Cake Chapter 8

This extra long chapter starts with Jenna recovering from her night of debauchery, meanwhile, her daughter Karen is enjoying some early morning sex with her girlfriend. Soon, however, Jenna is contacted by the young Brittish girl she met at the beach, who lures her to a motel with promises of more sex. Unable to resist, Jenna soon arrives, but Jenna doesn’t suspect that the girl she’s being sent to have sex with is her own daughter. This is a large chapter with 34 black and white pages and one color pinup, plus a fully colored cover.

9Banana Cream Cake Chapter 9

Bianca Del Ricci, Jenna’s mother, reveals her hand by confronting the mysterious, ultra-busty nun who has been secretly manipulating Jenna’s life. Secrets are revealed as the two argue, their tension building to an erotic passion, both women pushing each other to the limit as their dominant personalities clash. Presented with 22 pages of greyscale art, plus a full color cover.

10Banana Cream Cake Chapter 10

After losing control of their passion and submitting to their taboo desires, Jenna and Karen spend a seemingly awkward morning together, but surprisingly they find themselves comfortable and happy. Just when Jenna is starting to wonder if it was all a dream, she finds Karen waiting in her room in erotic lingerie, eager for another night of passion. A short chapter presented with 16 greyscale pages, plus one erotic page in color and a fully colored pinup cover.

11Banana Cream Cake Chapter 11

After their erotic night together, Jenna wakes up to a round of sex first thing in the morning with Karen. However, Karen is feeling mischievous, and she ties off Jenna’s cock with a bow, teasing her with orgasm denial before they leave for school and work. Sexually frustrated and hyper-sensitive, Jenna gets to her bakery to find not only Lily waiting for her, but growing schoolgirl Trixie, who reveals herself to be the young girl on the other side of the glory hole Jenna had used earlier. The two girls leave Jenna’s cock tied off, putting her through an overwhelming sex session, forcing her to build up a massive, ball-swelling cumload. Presented in 28 greyscale pages, with one color page and a full color pinup cover.

12Banana Cream Cake Chapter 12

Karen has a thermos of her mother’s cum for lunch, and she chooses to share some with her friend Amber. Neither girl realizes the magical potential locked into Jenna’s seed, and it has surprising effects on Amber’s body. The first chapter presented entirely with cel shaded art, including 20 comic pages and one color cover.

13Banana Cream Cake Chapter 13

Lily tries to confront Jenna and Karen about their taboo relationship, offering her body to pleasure Jenna in Karen’s stead. However, a jealous Karen refuses to give up her relationship Jenna, and challenges Lily to a competition to see who’s the better lover for Jenna. Thanks to support on Patreon, this chapter starts with cel-shaded art, but after 18 pages it goes to fully rendered art. This leads to 30 color pages, with a fully colored pinup cover.

14Banana Cream Cake Chapter 14

Jenna has a prophetic dream where she meets a mysterious woman, not realizing it’s the nun Anastasia. Anastasia manipulates the dreamscape to allow Jenna to experience sex acts beyond what she ever thought possible, while also gradually revealing more of the mysteries of Jenna’s powers and sexual abilities. This special chapter is based on suggestions from users on Patreon. The focus is also specifically on sex scenes so extreme that they simply couldn’t be done in the main comic, with particular focus on growth, extreme insertions, and a finale with transformation and monster girls.


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