Oxy Tocin is the developer behind two popular lewd games by well known hentai futa artist Dmitrys. The first adult game, Peach Cam Show, featured art by Dmitrys and story by Ada. Their second adult game Svetlana’s Dressup, a build your own futa babe app, was recently released for Android devices in MiKandi. Oxy Tocin was kind enough to let me pick his brain about game development, adult games, and collaborating with artist and creators to make apps adults love. 

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’ve started as IT specialist in the army. From there the natural thing for me and my peers was to go “Corporate” as a Business Intelligence specialist. After eight years in big companies, I just resigned and left to make games.

What made you want to become a game developer?

I’ve realised that the work wasn’t challenging enough. And I’ve decided to make my game making hobby into a profession. Since then I’ve never got bored, It is by far the most diverse and challenging industry I can think of.

How long have you been developing games?

When I was a teenager I’ve started making Star Craft mods, then it went on to simple games as a hobby. Four years ago I’ve entered a “Game Design and Development” course in college. Finished it with honours, and got my graduation project published by big publisher. It was featured in Appstore and Google Play, eventually reaching close to million downloads. Since then I make my living by making games in the mobile industry.

That’s impressive! What inspired you to get into adult game development, then?

In one of my game design classes I did a research paper about adult games. And everywhere I got I’ve found the same 5 games from the 90’s, everybody mentioned Larry to the point I got sick of it. It amazed me that one of the biggest industries in the world had virtually no games in it. All the while AppStore and Google Play were exploding from amount of games, I had to hunt down adult games all over internet. As a gamer, as an adult, as a person I’ve felt cheated! What I saw was a duopoly of Apple and Google that were forcing “Disney Morality” upon the whole world! Surely but slowly I’ve decided to get into adult gaming myself, trying to change the way of things.

The adult game industry in the West is definitely in its infancy. It’s exciting to see game developers collaborate with well-known lewd artists to create games for adults. How did you and Dmitrys meet and when did you start working together to create these fantastic adult apps?

Last summer I’ve searched the internet for an artist to work with. I’ve seen his works on HentaiFoundry. What caught my eye was the fact that he had mockups for a game screens. But I didn’t see any games. So I’ve emailed him asking if he wants to collaborate on a game or app. Have to say that he’s one of the most talented and hard working guys I had the pleasure to work with. Not something you see everyday.

Indeed. Your first two games with Dmitrys, Peach Cam Show and the newly released Svetlana’s Dressup, have been well received by fans. Do you and Dmitrys have plans for more collaborations?

Yes, and hopefully they will be even better and greater 🙂

I’m sure they will. 🙂 What tools, platforms, and engines do you use to create your games?

I’ve started in Game Maker, worked with JS and Box2D. Now I work mostly in Unity3D. Especially now that it became a de facto mobile industry standard. Hardware wise I own a lot of computers. But I have 3 main rigs: Gaming, Dev and Server. Additionally I work on 2 laptops: Dell Vostro and Macbook Pro 13”.

What tools would you recommend to a budding game developer?

I’m always recommending to use the tools that will get you the most results in shortest time possible. Game development is iterative process. You should fail fast and often. But that doesn’t mean you can afford to be sloppy.

What you find most interesting in the industry right now?

In the last six months you see huge influx of adult games on Patreon. You see things like HuniePop and HineCam Studio appear on Steam. Really exciting times 🙂

How do you feel about emerging technologies and devices, like VR headsets and Hololens?

It’s very cool, but I feel that the technology and the game development for VR need some more time to mature. So it can reach beyond the enthusiast market. On the other hand adult films in VR – AMAZEBALLS!!!

If there was one thing you’d want people to understand about game development, what would it be?

A lot of times ideas that look cool, ending up being not fun at all. As a developer you bury projects all the time.

You’ve had success attracting and collaborating with a top notch artist. What advice would you give to programmers who also want to create games and apps with adult creators and artists?

My advice to any programmer is: always be professional, work hard, and be a person of integrity.

Sound advice. If an artist or creator would like to work with you, what is the best way for them to reach you?

Any person is welcome to contact me at oxytocin.y@gmail.com. I’m all about hearing out ideas and propositions 🙂

Last question: Are you playing any games right now? (lewd, indie, AAA)

I love obscure RTS games from the 90’s. Kerbal Space Program and Factorio. Also I would play anything created by Gearbox, Bethesda or Telltale. 🙂



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