It seems like sex robots are everywhere these days. We’ve got companies coming out with new products that making long distance sex easier than ever, hyper-realistic sex dolls, and even lifelike robots being created by mad scientist transhumanists. What we don’t have, however, are the actual robots themselves – yet.

Adam Lash – along with his collaborator, Kevin Gilligan – has created a world in the not-too-distant future (19 years, to be exact) where sex robots are not only a reality but are totally integrated into our sexual lives. Called “Gigahoes,” the web series – shot in a mockumentary style – follows the life of a sex robot brothel Artificial intercourse owner named Steven and his fleet of sex robots as they go about their daily lives.

While most robot-related shows and movies explore the dark side of robot/human interactions (think Terminator for a prime example), Gigahoes is all about humor. Adam himself is a stand-up comedian and the idea for the series originally popped up in a joke for one of his routines. The joke ended up being a bit of a flop but it sparked the idea of creating a show that looked at the lived realities of sex robots and the people who work with them.

So what does that all look like, exactly? Well… A lot of freaky sex.

While humans tend to judge each other for the types of sex that we choose to have, the robots of Artificial Intercourse not only don’t but can’t. That means that all of the things that things that people have fantasized about but never been able to make a reality will happen with the bots. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if some whole new fantasies emerge once the physical possibilities have expanded.

Gigahoes explores that concept well. In the first episode, for example, a bot that’s dressed to look like Raggedy Ann informs Steven that she’ll need a cleaning in order to get the corn out of her vaginal unit. In episode two, a couple gets into an elaborate baking fantasy that involves a whole lot of flour and an orgasmic woman crying out for a spatula. It’s funny, silly, and awkwardly painful to watch sometimes.

Adam told me that the lack of judgment about people’s kinks was 100% purposeful. While some of the situations will undoubtedly make the audience laugh – it is a comedy, after all – the bots are always down for whatever their clients desire.

“We’re going to do some really crazy things with them that we would not feel safe doing with another human,” Adam explained.

I asked Adam about some of the bigger issues around artificially intelligent sex bots. When do we decide that they have rights? What is the definition of personhood, in this case? What about child sex bots for pedophiles?

He told me that Gigahoes is going to stay on the funny side of bot sex for a few more seasons – and let’s face it: even human-to-human sex is pretty ridiculous, so there’s a lot of material there – but that their eventual goal is tackle some of those bigger issues. He believes that robot rights will be our next big civil rights issue, one that we’re going to have face sooner than later.

“There’s a very good chance that you and I will have sex with robots,” Adam told me. “It will probably be awesome.”

In the meantime, check out Gigahoes on YouTube for a fun exploration of what that world could look like.


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