So we’re giving you some memes to go with your memes.

With all the holiday madness this time of year we could all use a good laugh. I’ve gathered a plethora of dank memes to get your mind off of the creeping cynicism of all things Christmas(if I see one more elf on a god damned shelf so help me God). I know, I get it. Look on the bright side, we all get to get wasted New Year’s Eve.

1Speaking of getting wasted…

2I’m actually uncomfortable.

3If you know where this is from please link in the comments… for research…


5I would have mounted a Wollemi Pine at this point.

6Her ruff is small anyway bro, move on.

7I didn’t know Yu-Gi-Oh! players were sexually active. I stand corrected.

8Still counts… right? I mean, that’s one fine onion-titty.

9For my fellow degenerates. *raises fist in solidarity*

10VR doggo does a heckin’ virtual sexy time.

11Send nudes in the comments. Happy holidays!



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