libra of the vampire princess adult patch uncensored

Since its release on Steam, there’s been much talk about Libra of the Vampire Princess adult patch. Many have asked how they can find it, how much it costs, what’s included, and so on. Well, today I’d like to answer these common questions and at the same time get you even more excited to explore the ecchi side of Libra!

TL;DR = Get Libra’s uncensored patch right here for just $2.99!

Libra of the Vampire Princess Adult Patch FAQ!

What is Libra’s adult patch?

Libra’s adult patch adds the erotic content that is not included in the regular version (also known as the “Steam safe” version).

Is there a version of Libra that already includes the adult content?

No. You will need the adult patch to access Libra’s naughty h-scenes.

What’s included and how much does the adult patch cost?

The patch includes fully-uncensored erotic scenes involving all of Libra’s characters, un-lockable endings, a bonus harem scene, plus extra features to enhance the gaming experience. Here’s a more detailed list of all the cool things offered!

Libra’s Adult Patch Unique Features

  • 20+ uncensored erotic scenes
  • Over 4 hours of adult content
  • A panty icon that removes the clothes from all characters
  • Unlockable ending scenes
  • A bonus harem ending
  • Climax options during erotic scenes
  • Compatibility with Cyclone X10 USB male sex sleeve
  • English subtitles, fully voiced in Japanese
  • Purchase for ONLY $2.99 USD!

What is the Cyclone X10 USB?

An electronic sex toy for men that plugs into your PC’s USB port. While playing the game’s erotic scenes, the toy releases vibrations to stimulate the penis and enhance overall enjoyment of this content. For more info on the Cyclone X10 USB please visit hereNote: We do not offer tech support or additional info for this device. Purchase at your own discretion. 

Where can I buy Libra’s adult patch?

Both Libra’s adult patch (by itself) or a special package of the digital game + patch + MiKandi Gold can be purchased by clicking the banner below!

I have a question that wasn’t asked here!

Reach out to us on Twitter @MiKandiJapan! In addition, you send us a message by using our contact form.

Thank you and please enjoy the ecchi side of Libra!


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