MiKandi adult game portal

Hi MiKandi Fans! We are ecstatic to announce our brand-new web games portal! In response to the censoring of adult games by Steam, we decided to join the world of web games because we believe you should be able to play whatever game you want! Especially when said game contains epic hentai titties. Ahem, like Mutiny!!

We don’t mind if your game of choice has X-rated material, in fact, we encourage it! This is great news for adult game lovers and developers that are tired of being censored. MiKandi now offers a place for customers to browse and download their favorite sexy adult games, and for game devs to be free to create content they love, without annoying restrictions. We’ve been listening to developer feedback and are excited to unveil some new features that will make the interaction between game developers and users easier. “The new game portal is more dynamic than the previous versions. This gives us the ability to add more features over time which will be really awesome for game devs. Additionally, MiKandi publishers have been asking for a feature that will allow them to interact directly with users and the new portal will give them that option in the Latest Game News section.” –Nick, Software Engineer

As of right now, we support PC game downloads, and will be adding support for more devices over time. Adult game developers can register and upload their lewd games here. If you need assistance uploading your games or have general questions, simply email our support and we will be more than happy to assist you!

Interested in adult games? Customers can sign up for a FREE MiKandi account and browse the latest adult PC games. Follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest exciting adult game news.


  1. There are two question a lot of people are wondering that will ultimately determine how successful this venture is:

    1. Will EVERYTHING be uncensored?
    2. Will you allow content that contains lolicon?


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