strip show

When you think of strippers, you probably think of dollars in g-strings and poppin’ bottles in the club, a la every rap song from the early 2000s, right? But what if you could enjoy your own strip show, from the privacy of your home? No, I’m not talking about those stripper poles that can be […]


It’s an exciting time for sex-tech. 3-D printing companies are making copies of our naughty (but oh so wonderful) bits, virtual reality goggles are offering us a whole new way to view porn, and sex dolls are getting a major upgrade. RealDoll, a company that currently creates life-like sex dolls (think, Lars and the Real […]


So apparently young people in Australia — almost half, according to The Daily Dot — think that it’s okay to track their significant other’s physical location using the GPS in their phone. Specifically, a study conducted by VicHealth (which is Australia’s government health organization) of 1,923 people people found that 46 percent of those between […]


We’re stoked to add Switch creator Reinbach to our growing list of renowned adult comic artists sharing their work on MiKandi. (Check out our interview with this creator) Switch is the story of a fiery teen who initiates an unlikely affair as part of her grand scheme to achieve her every physical desire, no matter what it […]


Are you an artist with an idea for the perfect adult game? We’re hosting an adult game contest through October 31, 2015 just for you! The competition is open to artists, age 18 and over, who have a fun idea of an adult game they’d love to see become a reality. Four judges, including myself and […]


What is in the water in Alabama these days? It’s just been a week of sex negativity in the news for that lovely Southern state. First of all, Dadeville, Alambama, decided that they were going to institute a town-wide dress code banning saggy pants, short skirts, and other “revealing clothing.” While that’s batshit at it […]


Are you ready to see more authentic female relationships depicted in interactive manga, anime, and hentai content? Or maybe you’re thirsty for characters that represent a broader (more realistic) spectrum of women. Now’s the time to create your ideal yuri experience. If you’re an artist, developer, audio creator, or writer, (or aspiring to be any […]