harcore porn

When you hear the terms “porn for women,” what do you think of? Probably better plot lines and acting and fewer money shots, right? There’s a whole category of porn that works on the assumption that women aren’t into the mainstream stuff that has been produced primarily for the male gaze. No double penetration, money […]


Okay, so before I even get into this one, I want to make one, super obvious statement: sex toys are silly. Whether you’re talking about a “rabbit” that tickles your clit while rotating in your vagina or the iPad holster for Fleshlight, sex toys are just not usually the height of sophistication. There are exceptions, […]


We’re excited to unveil the new MiKandi website. As our library of porn apps, adult games, HD porn videos, hentai manga, and erotica grows, it’s important we continue to improve accessibility and discoverability in our adult app store and on our website. Find your favorite adult comics and disover new creators on the home page […]