We have a Golden Rule at MiKandi- treat adults like adults. This belief is so strong rooted at the core of our company that it’s the driving force behind every new product and feature we create. We’re constantly striving to build a positive environment where adults can safely access the best in mobile adult entertainment without judgement. […]


Because if not, you really should. Pro-Domme and artist Mistress Blunt has been running, posing in, cooking and photographing for her blog See Mistress Cook for a little over two years now. Yet with exception to being passed around the online kink community, it hasn’t gotten very much attention. See Mistress Cook photo-documents the preparation […]


Crowdfunding has exploded over the past couple of years, with niche sites popping up for everything from medical bills to college tuition to Christian-based projects. However, most of those sites are not too friendly to folks who work in the adult industry: GiveForward even went so far as to kick porn star Eden Alexander off […]

plug pump

In a world full of sexual signifiers, sometimes a high heel is just a high heel. But if they’re from Ainsley-T? They’re also a sex toy. That’s because this high end shoe brand makes heels and boots that incorporate sex toys right into the design. While some of them are really obvious – like the […]

marilyn monroe playboy

You know that old joke about reading Playboy “for the articles?” Well, it turns out that in the age of internet content, people really are reading Playboy for the articles. Or, at least, the listicles. Playboy.com has reported a 258% increase in traffic from January 2014 to January 2015, an incredible bump that they credit […]


After years of resistance, I’ve been all about emojis lately. The change of heart was precipitated by my move to South America in 2011, where it seems to be considered bad manners to not end every sentence with some kind of smiley or, at the very least, five exclamation points. And, of course, my transformation […]