porn addiction

Most of you probably know someone who says they’re “addicted” to porn or, at the very least, have heard of “porn addicts.” You know what I’m talking about: those people who spend so much time fapping to videos and images online that they neglect their IRL partners, hobbies, and maybe even take it so far […]


Hentai pinups, naked studs, kinky demons, oh my! You’ll find all that and more in MiKandi. I’m very excited to announce today the launch of our latest update in the MiKandi Adult App Store- adult comics! Starting today, MiKandi customers worldwide can enjoy their favorite adult comics and hentai manga in a rich, native comic player […]

revenge porn

Huge news for those of us who care about the rights of women. Revenge porn, that nasty scourge of the age of smartphones and amateur porn sites, took a major hit last week when Google announced that they’ll be honoring revenge porn takedown requests. For those of you living under a rock (or like, my […]

porn in china

Earlier this month, the Chinese government arrested 17 people for a “spiritual pollution” crime — spreading porn in China via apps. As you can imagine, we here at MiKandi are particularly concerned with an arrest of this kind: spreading porn via apps should not be a crime that is punishable with jail time. All of […]

sex toys

While perhaps no one was surprised by Pinterest’s announcement earlier this week that they’ll finally be adding a “buy” button — essentially turning the popular site into an ecommerce hub — the slight shocker came in Head of  Commerce Michael Yamartino’s assertion that only “appropriate merchandise” would be available for purchase directly. Clearly not one […]