Another day, another announcement from Apple that shows just how tightly they’re gripping to their former leader’s anti-porn, anti-sex stance. The latest in the seemingly never ending string of moves by Apple to treat adults like children who need to be protected from anything sexual is going after the website that has long been something of a Wild West of the internet: Reddit.

Nicolas Deleon reported on Motherboard that Apple has specifically asked Reddit app developers — and Reddit — to delete toggles that make it possible to view NSFW content within the apps. They even went so far as to take down “several apps” on Monday night until the toggles had been removed. NSFW content will still be available when people access Reddit via a web browser or if they go onto the website and whitelist NSFW content in their user settings.

So, okay, let’s look critically at what’s happening here. For some reason, Apple thinks that it can keep adult content away from their customers by forbidding it on apps and penalizing developers. However, they don’t block NSFW content on Safari or Chrome or even Twitter, which means that Apple users can — and do — access porn and other adult content on their phones and tablets. And of course, there are no regulations on Apple computers.

Not that I’m advocating for that kind of censorship and restriction, of course. Quite the opposite. My objective in pointing out the fact that Apple’s censorship campaign is inconsistent is simply to highlight the fact that it’s pointless. Sure, they can tell Reddit developers to take off their toggle; they can outright ban any porn apps; they can even keep consent apps out of their store  for being “excessively objectionable.” But are they ever, ever going to stop people from accessing adult content on their devices?


Realistically, they could. Apple has already shown through the App Store how good it is at shutting down content they don’t like. But how many people do you think would buy their hardware products if they couldn’t access any adult content at all? How many people would think twice about buying the new iPad if they couldn’t access YouPorn or would shell out for the latest iPhone if they couldn’t read erotica on their browser?

Despite their nanny attitude toward users, Apple knows that people are using their products as sexual aids. It would cut too hard into their bottom line if they actually banned all NSFW access on their devices, so instead they go after app developers like the ones using the Reddit platform. The only question now is how much longer they’re going to keep up this no adult content power play before they admit that adults are adults and are going to access content for adults on their devices whether it’s officially allowed in their walled garden App Store or not.

In the meantime, we’re over here at MiKandi for all of you Android users who are interested in everything from hentai porn apps to erotica apps to a huge range of porn apps. And hey, with us? You don’t even have to toggle for it.

Image: Adrianna Calvo/Pexels


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