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When I reported back at the end of last November that T-Mobile’s new Binge On program — which lets T-Mobile customers stream video without using up their high-speed data — would welcome any content provider who could meet their technical criteria, I was excited— but skeptical. After all, we’ve heard from heads of major tech companies before who promised to allow adult content, only to snatch it away when their PR people caught wind of their off-the-cuff statements. (Looking at you, Oculus.)

But T-Mobile stayed true to their promise and in March, MiKandi was the first adult content provider to sign up. Since then, T-Mobile customers can subscribe to MiKandi Theater and get unlimited streaming of adult videos — including ones from popular studios like Smash Pictures, CKE18, Cherry Media, Pure XXX — without having to worry about sucking up all of their data. It’s a partnership that we like to think has worked well for everyone involved.

But we never intended on being the only adult content providers on Binge On and today I’m happy to share that one of our peers, Streamate, has joined us on the Binge On platform. A fellow Seattle-based company, Streamate (NSFW) is a live video chat site that lets users chat with amateur performers, as well as porn stars, while watching them on web cam. With this partnership, T-Mobile customers will now be able to use their phones to interact with these international models, including men, women, couples, and fetish models.

“We joined ‘Binge On’ to provide our customers with the freedom to stream as much live video as they want without worry of using up their high-speed data,” Liz at Streamate told XBIZ. “It’s a benefit our customers can’t get anywhere else.”

For those of you who haven’t heard of Binge On, the service offers T-Mobile customers “DVD quality or better” video (which means 480p or above) from 87 different streaming services, without touching their data plans. Currently, BingeOn includes popular services like Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, Spotify, Fox, NBC, PBS, and ESPN, and DirecTV, among others. With the inclusion of Streamate, the service now officially offers two adult streaming services.

At MiKandi, we couldn’t be be happier with this addition to the Binge On team.

“By adding Streamate, the industry leader in live cam streaming, to the Binge On program, T-Mobile proves again why they’re light years ahead of the competition when it comes to treating adults like adults,”  MiKandi co-founder Jen McEwen says. “They couldn’t have chosen a better company to add to their growing list of adult streaming service providers. No one does live cam better than Streamate; no one does adult apps better than MiKandi; and, with Binge On, no carrier treats their adult customers better than T-Mobile.”

And while a lot of the services available on Binge On require a subscription in order to access their content, Streamate isn’t based on a subscription model. Instead, users can check out models via guest chat and sample pictures and then decide if they’re interested in joining their chat room. All prices are stated up front, so you know exactly what you’re going to pay before you head in. This means that you don’t have to worry about another monthly bill but instead can check out these models whenever you want, without using up your data plan.

Image: dollen/Flickr


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