Raise your hand if you’re ready for sex robots.

Billing themselves as “a sexy new social kinetic experience,” Frixion is a teledilonics company with a social platform. Currently in beta, founder Seth envisions the site as being a place for already established partners to stay intimate over long distances, sex workers looking to work in a virtual environment, and for purely virtual relationships to get physical.

“This technology is an iterative way to escalate the dating interactions that people are already having online,” Seth explained to me. “Without actually having to be in the same place.”

Frixion as it stands today is a technology-focused company with a social platform that powers how users interact with the tech – and with each other. Focusing on webcam-to-webcam interaction, people can invite established partners to play over the network or utilize its discovery functions if they’re more interested in playing with new people.

There are also options for solo haptic play and the team is even currently testing a virtual glory hole: users will be able to blindly connect with others with no knowledge of who they’re having haptic sex with, a feature that Seth sees as “quite and exciting and philosophically challenging prospect for a lot of people.”

Frixion’s software currently integrates with five different input/output methods and they’re working furiously to partner with more sex toy companies in order to get as many toys as possible on board. The software can also be configured for people who don’t want to buy toys themselves but do want to control another person’s toy via keyboard or mouse.

Users can also utilize an inexpensive accelerometer to transmit stroking motions to the toys of one or more partners. An up and down motion could be translated, for instance, into a similar penetrating movement on a dildo or stroking movement on a toy like a Fleshlight.

For the ultimate Frixion experience, though, users will need to shell out $200 for their robot, which Seth assures me has been personally tested both by he and his wife and the entire Frixion team. The experience is so intimate, he says, that it’s not the kind of thing monogamous couples would want their partners doing with anyone else.

Seth and his team are also hard at work fully fleshing out Frixion’s Telemetry Translation API, which they’ll be making available to developers when it’s complete, hopefully sometime this summer. He envisions an entire subcategory of crowdfunded toys and sex robots that are “totally dependent on the Frixion ecosystem” as dorky kinksters start taking advantage of the API to build their own toys.

“I don’t know what to expect but I can imagine someone is going to make some kind of crazy Frankenstein android that is a sex surrogate for someone he’s met on Frixion,” Seth hypothesized.

While we may be a ways off from full-sized androids taking the place of human lovers, Friction is  an exciting step in that direction and so, I’m going to ask one more time:

Are you ready for sex with robots? Frixion is.

Photo courtesy of CC License on Flickr, user Nathan Rupert.



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