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Pro-Domme and artist Mistress Blunt has been running, posing in, cooking and photographing for her blog See Mistress Cook for a little over two years now. Yet with exception to being passed around the online kink community, it hasn’t gotten very much attention.

See Mistress Cook photo-documents the preparation of simple to involved meals as cooked (and occasionally, played with) by kinksters, inclusive with step-by-step recipes. The guest list ranges from educators, to event organizers, to baby Dommes, and many others in between. They are a mix of people Mistress Blunt knows personally and folks that are well known in the community, but not yet by her. Mistress Blunt doesn’t consider herself a party person, so the blog has served as the perfect outlet for reaching out to community members she might not otherwise get the chance to meet.

Exploring culture and how it plays a role in the manifestation of kink, is something Blunt regularly depicts in her blog posts, and the diversity of her featured cooks and diners celebrates that; Egyptian Mistress Samira tempts site viewers with a fork full of mulukhiyah from See Mistress Cook’s front page, in a bra and headdress.

“As long as I’ve been involved in kink, I’ve explored it through a lens,” she relays to me over bubble tea in New York’s East Village. And for Mistress Blunt, that lens is both artistic and intimate, one she naturally applies to the nurturing act of cooking. Blunt, who describes herself as a “maternal top” views nourishment as a necessity for any submissive act, but cooking as an activity that can both be subservient and dominant, sometimes simultaneously.

That perhaps all too familiar dichotomy between submission and dominance is one thing not present in the photo stories of See Mistress Cook. Blunt’s images and minimal yet personal descriptions accompanying each photoset explore the power dynamics of chef and diner, as well as photographer and subject. “I find photography integrally kinky,” she tells me. Through Mistress Blunt’s scope of view, purpose and intent can be major factors accounting for the fluidity of service and authority, particularly in the kitchen and at the table, and as it applies to subject and artist.

While cooking and food have always served as fixtures in Mistress Blunt’s life, her pursuit of meal preparation was not entirely intentional until arriving at La Domaine Esemar in upstate New York. There she trained as a dominatrix for five years, all the while taking advantage of many locally sourced vegetable, meat, and dairy products–many of which were generously donated (or bartered) by visitors to the long-running BDSM chateau. The philosophy of integrating the care of self and others–through food–with the practice of bondage, masochism, and sadism, is one Blunt carried with her well beyond La Domaine.

For many of Mistress Blunt’s vanilla curious friends, See Mistress Cook has helped expand their idea of what kink is, and what it can be. Its simple, non-intimidating layout and neutral color scheme can certainly help account for that. But what I believe is the primary factor in luring more conservative types to this luscious domain, is its seamless pairing of the unknown (kink) with something familiar and safe (food). This task is challenging, particularly in relation to the handling of explicit content. But it is one that Blunt undertakes with artistry and judicious taste.

When it comes to kink related blogs of all types, the question of censorship is often what mandates what kind of audience the site will attract. Blunt has managed to keep the nudity without sparing the kind of accessibility a censored blog may offer more cautious or mainstream viewers.

WordPress, which allows nudity and mature subject material, currently hosts See Mistress Cook, but Blunt has plans of expanding the blog to a print format. It isn’t yet in the making, but See Mistress Cook would make just as great a coffee table read as it currently does as a blog.

To stay up to date on the latest recipes (and kinky photo pairings), follow @MistressBlunt.


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