Today we’re talking sex toys and, specifically, the PULSE II DUO from Hot Octopuss. I highlighted the PULSE II SOLO back in my Naughty & Nice list for Christmas and thought that you all would like to hear about the launch of the company’s couples sex toy.

But before we even start talking about oscillators and vibrating wings and frottage, I want you to watch this video, because it’s adorable. It’s a diverse group of British couples talking about sex and sex toys.

Hot Octopuss created the video as a part of their #SexNotStigma campaign, which is all about getting couples to really start talking about sex – and, of course, because they’re a sex toy company, maybe throw some toys into the mix.

They also did a survey to see what, exactly, wasn’t working for people in their sex lives. Their top three findings were that long term couples felt a lack of excitement and adventure, a lack of experimentation with new toys and positions, and a loss of romance and love.

While the loss of romance and love is an issue perhaps better addressed by a couples counselor, Hot Octopuss thinks that their PULSE II DUO could be the answer to the first two.

“Hot Octopuss exists to improve people’s sex lives, regardless of their age, gender, sexual preference or physical ability,” says co-founder and designer Adam Lewis on the Hot Octopuss website. “For too long there has been a stigma attached to the use of sex toys, stifling people’s happiness and holding them back from saying what they really want in bed.”

According to Hot Octopuss’ own survey, introducing sex toys -either couples sex toys or solo toys – to a relationship seemed to be a great way for couples to push past the silence around sex and sexual dissatisfaction. While I’m always a little skeptical of “studies” conducted by companies that sell what they’re studying, I have to say that it makes sense that toys could be a great icebreaker. Having an actual object to focus on rather than being like, “Sooo… Let’s talk about sex?” seems like a great way to open up the topic.

But we have no problem talking about sex here at Mikandi so let’s talk about the PULSE II DUO couples sex toy instead. The toy is similar to the PULSE II SOLO in that it’s a sheath for the man’s penis that stimulates his frenulum (that little dip on the underside of the penis) with oscillations. The thing that makes it a couples toy, however, is the vibrating back side that the woman can control with a remote control. They can then make out, touch each other, or ride each other while simultaneously being stimulated by the toy in ways that match their anatomies.

I think the thing I love the most about this concept is that it’s a couple’s toy for heterosexual couples that explicitly doesn’t focus on penetration. So much of straight sex is about putting the penis in the vagina but the PULSE II DUO is all about getting everyone hot and horny without any insertion at all. Hell yes and a big thumbs up to more foreplay!

The video on the Hot Octopuss website also points out that PULSE II DUO is a great toy for men who experience erectile dysfunction, providing simulation for both partners even when the penis flaccid. It’s an awesome, non-drug solution for couples who want to keep having partnered sex but have been stymied by ED.

If you want to buy the PULSE II DUO, head on over to the Hot Octopuss website and grab one for you and your partner. If you’re interested in participating in an open, sex-positive conversation (whether or not you want the toy), jump on Twitter and start tweeting #SexNotStigma at @HotOctopuss, @MiKandiStore, and @MissEmmaMcG. We’ll all be waiting for you.


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