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When it comes to sex/tech, there are a couple of companies that continue to stand out from the crowd. Pushing beyond standard haptic tech and teledildonics, these companies are testing the boundaries of what we can do with sex toys in this age of wifi and connected everything. These are companies that are equal part dorky and sexy and 100% fun.

One of my favorites? Orgasmatronics.

I’ve written in the past about Orgasmatronics’ “bionic dildo” and their auto-fellating robot – both of which are original, interesting explorations in the ways that we can take tech to a new level when it comes to our orgasms.

Today I’m happy to share the latest from the team at Orgasmatronics: The Master Beta Kit.

First of all, before we dive in, we need to talk about that name. When I first read it, I kind of thought, “Um… Okay guys… That’s kind of boring.” and it wasn’t until I was talking with Dr. X Treme himself (Orgasmatronics’ resident mad scientist) that I realized how perfectly punny it is.

Go ahead. Say it out loud.

Get it now?

Anyway, maybe you’re less dense than I am and totally got it right away. Regardless, good job Orgasmatrons: you nailed it again.

Dr X Treme

The Master Beta Kit is an educational tool hidden in a sex toy. Dr. X Treme told me that the whole goal is to get people to see how easy DIY electronics can be, with the dangling carrot of custom sex toys at the end of your hard work. He sees it as a great option for classes at maker spaces or kink spaces as well as an easy way for folks who just want to learn more about electronics to get started on their own at home.

The Master Beta Kit comes with:

  • the Master Beta board;
  • an Arduino Uno;
  • a USB cable;
  • two AA batteries with a holder and a switch;
  • a bullet vibe.

master beta kit

The Kit is also great for people who have already dived a little deeper into this kind of hacking, providing the tools to create all of the “crazy shit” you can dream up. Dr X Treme even made a video of a flame thrower that is controlled by blowing on a dildo. Yup, you read that right: a flame-throwing dildo.

For people interested in custom sex toys that won’t send you to the hospital, The Master Beta Kit can also be used to create your own custom vibes for the Ambrosia Vibe, the X2 Orgasmatron Gyrator, or to program two bullet vibes instead of one.

And, of course, anything else your kinky little brain can come up with.

Orgasmatronics is currently crowdfunding The Master Beta Kit on IndieGoGo, looking to raise at least $5k in order to get their newest invention into the eager hands of sex toy and open source lovers alike. If you’re itching to figure out how to hack electronics and think an orgasm (or 50) is a great way to pay yourself for your hard work, head over and throw them a couple of dollars to help them meet their goal.

Photos courtesy of Orgasmatronics, Mayhem Chaos via CC License on Flickr.



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