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Virtual Reality sex — and virtual reality porn and virtual reality camming and virtual reality sex toys — is all the rage right now. It’s been fascinating to watch VR technology get better and better over the past few years and, of course, watching the parallel sex tech innovations as pervy innovators figure out new ways to help us all get off with the help of these funny looking headsets is a very, very nice bonus.

But that’s sex. What about virtual reality love?

Yup, you read that right: What about love and virtual reality? The mechanics of sex are pretty easy to work out, after all. You have certain body parts that need to be touched; certain images that spark the right parts of the brain. But when it comes to love, things get a whole lot more complicated. Suddenly you’re talking about feelings and emotions that are much, much harder to trigger than horniness.

However, a company in Japan is the first (as far as I can tell) to tackle the love/virtual reality pairing. According to M. Christian on Future of Sex, a company called Dentsu Science Jam unveiled the Noha Love Checker at the Tokyo Game Show recently. The product pairs a virtual reality headset with sensors that monitor user’s brainwaves and then shows them a range of women. (Guess it’s only for people who like women? Hopefully that’s remedied soon.)

The device monitors the person’s brain waves as they see each woman and then algorithmically picks out the best match for them. Then the user and their “dream girl” can go on a virtual reality date, which makes this whole process similar to what the questions-heavy dating sites like Match do, but with way cooler tech.

Now, I don’t speak Japanese and I wasn’t at the Game Show to test out this product, so I can’t speak with firsthand experience about how accurate or awesome this technology is or isn’t. However, if the continued evolution of VR porn is anything to go by, I’m going to guess that the Noha Love Checker is probably — like most first of their kind technologies — clunky at best and extremely rough at worst.

However, the idea behind it is fascinating — and I hope that Detnsu Science Jam isn’t the last company to tackle virtual reality love. There’s so much going on inside our own brains that we’re not even aware of and the possibility of using this tech to probe deeper into our brains to see what there is to see is fascinating.

And, of course, there’s always the dystopian vision of the future that refinement of this tech makes possible. It’s all too easy to envision a world where people fall in love with virtual men and women to the detriment of falling in love with flesh and blood humans. I mean, anyone who’s been following the sex crisis in Japan knows that we’re not too far off from that reality already.

So, sure, virtual reality sex is fun and titillating. But I have my fingers crossed for the kind of love/sex combo that this first step toward virtual reality love suggests is possible.

Image: Dentsu Science Jam


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