Last week, Apple hit yours truly with a cease and desist over our use of the term App Store. And just this week, Apple hit Amazon suit over their use of the term “Appstore” (too close to “app” space “store” for Apple’s tastes). Amazon gave Apple the proverbial finger and launched the Amazon Appstore this week any way.

Our pockets aren’t as deep as Amazon’s (although you can help us out with that by using your MiKandi Gold to buy some apps), so today we’re introducing you to MiKandi- the world’s first app market for adults.

Microsoft is currently challenging Apple’s trademark of the term. While  it’s not worth it for us to fight Apple’s legal team over this by ourselves, perhaps we can file an amicus brief to Microsoft’s case.

Microsoft, Amazon- you know how to reach us. 😉

Hollatcha app market!