Great news today for anime fans! Bishoujo (which translates roughly to “pretty girl”) game developer XERO and MiKandi Japan have launched Lv XERO, a new site that lets fans pre-order Libra of the Vampire Princess merchandise. The pre-order store features many popular items from the Kickstarter that funded the English translation of Libra, including digital and physical formats of the game, the “Collector’s Box Set,” a 20-track OST, a 60-page art book, and otaku specialties like pillow covers. In addition to the more than 30 items to choose from, there are also two never-before-seen “intimate” items for the true Libra-lovers.

lycoris-intimate-nude-body-pillow-coverIf you haven’t heard of Libra of the Vampire Princess, the game centers around Shuma Kusanagi, which the website describes as “an ordinary boy, with an unnatural ancestry.” Shuma gets bitten by “a mysterious vampire” who tries to awaken his ancestral blood but is interrupted before the ritual is complete. He’s left with an urge to suck the blood of lovely young girls — and an uncertain future ahead of him, which the player gets to help determine.

The game was originally released in Japanese but XERO and MiKandi Japan launched a Kickstarter on December 10, 2015 in order to fund an English version. The money they raised enabled them to not only release an English version but actually meet multiple stretch goals.

“This is an exciting announcement for MiKandi Japan because it marks the first time Libra of the Vampire Princess and related game merchandise has been available to the public,” James of MiKandi Japan tells MiKandi. “Thanks to our core crowdfunding supporters, we are able to translate this sexy fun game into English. Now our mission is spreading the word to introduce Libra to as many players as possible. Whether you are already part of the Vampire Princess Army (our hardcore supporters), or you’re discovering us for the first time, we hope you will find something you can enjoy on Lv XERO. Please share with your friends so we can continue to grow the visual novel community. Let’s bring more moe, chunni, and bishoujo games to the world!”

Pre-order merchandise on the new site is set at a discount price from now until Libra’s official release later this fall. Fans can pay for their merchandise with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club via Stripe and PayPal. There are also a wide range of shipping options offered through Japan Post Service, making it super easy to get your hands on Libra goods before its official launch. (I mean, you did get a look at those pillows, didn’t you?)

The new site will also be offering behind-the-scenes bishoujo game information from the point of view of the creator. These peeks into the process will be hosted by game producer MOKA and voice actor Mayumi Shindo, so be sure to stay tuned for the launch of this feature.

So whether you’re a hardcore fan or you’re just getting introduced to the world of bishoujo and Libra of the Vampire Princess, head over to Lv XERO and see what you can find.