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When it comes to erotica and the internet, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sea of options. Whether your hankering is for audio, visual, or literary stimulation, you won’t find a shortage of inspiration (and turnoffs) online.

But arguably unlike porn, a lot of worth reading erotic writing requires a bit more digging than googling MILF vids–especially if your interests are specific.

In anticipation of MiKandi’s soon to be released e-reader specifically designed for smut, we’ve compiled a list of the best free erotica on the web.

Guilty Pleasures

If seeking erotic satisfaction online is something you’re interested in but admittedly new to, you’ll relate well to the stories on Lisa J Bradley’s Tumblr account. They’re mostly about main characters who stumble into accidentally sexual scenarios with unassuming acquaintances, strangers, and friends. Safe ground overall for an emerging reader.

Shybi‘s got a similar idea, but with an entire database of authors. Their main-site is for the shy (presumably heteroflexible) female seeking f/f stories, but they also have a ShyBi-Guys site (although theirs is more of a forum-only, minus the steamy stories). Shybi has a pretty impressive collection of content, as well as a very active forum and chatroom (requires login).

What’s your POV?

Reading from the mindset of a recipient versus that of an instigator will provide you with one type of fantasy, whereas switching perspectives will lead you down an entirely different road. The same can be said about gender (for some people), and hearing the narrative voice of a man versus a woman or vice versa can either offer a comfortably familiar journey, or help you embark on a daring new adventure–depending on your preferences and curiosities.

Jake501‘s Tumblr is a surprising mix of all those things–although remaining in the mainly hetero-sphere, from what I’ve read at least. From virgins sleeping with fairies (no pun intended) to cousins accidentally having sex on Halloween, Jake’s stories are witty, fun, and pretty nasty, when they’re not being a tad bit sentimental.

For a larger collection of sex stories from a broader range of POV’s, check out The color scheme is a little off putting (white on blue, on blue), but once your eyes adjust there are dozens of categories to choose from (including a healthy balance of same sex and hetero chapters). However, most of the stories are long, often containing multiple parts, and generally take time to get to actual sex scenes. Better for prolonged teases than quickies. Added benefit: they’re ad free.

Somewhere in the Middle

Gender identity awareness is at its peak, yet it’s surprisingly hard to find much good erotica written for/by the quickly growing gender queer population (free and online, anyway). Regularly maintained posts are far and few between, but start with these: SugarButch, Words Can Be Sexy, Beautiful Magick (for Glee inspired genderplay fanfic).

Genderqueer? No fear. @MrSexsmith will write smutty things for them, they, and their reading pleasure.

Something Kinky

There’s really no better place to be kinky than on the internet. One of the largest most varied archive of BDSM related smut I’ve found is BDSM Library. With author voices from all over the world ranging from curious to very experienced, this is a great place for BDSM novices to explore their preferences (in a totally safe way) as well as a treasure trove for the seasoned player looking to live out a specific scenario. The site’s pretty easy to navigate, but there are a few ads toward the top of the page. However, once you open any story in a separate window (which happens automatically) the ads disappear for the most part.

For the adult babies and diaper lovers out there, check out the AB/DL Stories subreddit. It runs contests (which is a great way of finding niche authors who post elsewhere on the internet), and the up-vote mentality of Reddit brings all the good stuff right to the top.

Fanfic Smut 

HBO might not show our favorite GOT (Game of Thrones) characters getting it on (well, not always), but that doesn’t mean we don’t think about it…and then write about it.

AO3 or Archive of Our Own seems to be the current hub for all major fanfics–smutty or not. (Their rating system will help you differentiate between the two.) However, their search is really only set up for helping users find characters and series titles, not filtering down to explicit or sexual content. The best way to go about using this site for naughtier purposes is by following an active author you like.

Here’s a breakdown of some popular AO3 accounts:

Konfessor2U: Sherlock (TV), Fullmetal Alchemist, Supernatural

agirlnamedtruth: Merlin, Harry Potter, Smallville, GOT, Supernatural

lit_chicko8: Vampire Diaries, Orphan Black, Veronica Mars, GOT

Heloisa: GOT, GOT, & GOT

Tumblr’s dirtysupernaturalimagines also offers a very active upkeep of (almost entirely m/f) reader inserts. For those unfamiliar with reader inserts: users submit requests to authors, authors make users the center of an erotic fanfic unfolding around them (cool, right?). There’s a gay alternative too (and yes, it’s Supernatural specific) courtesy AO3.

Yeah, I said Destiel.

 The Adult Apps 

Literotica takes the cake, and I mean all of it. In addition to stories (they even have a trans category!), they offer how-to guides, chatrooms, forums, and so much more. Plus, they have a choose-your-language option. If you’re a writer, you can even find a volunteer editor through their database to help you through those rough spots (pun intended.)

And oh, hey! It’s available here on MiKandi.

Veil Adult App

If you love reading AND writing erotica, Veil is a submission friendly option (meaning, users can upload works without an approval process). The collection is focused around stories being “true,” but fantasies are also welcome. The app tells you how much time each read takes (super helpful, right?) and it requires NO LOGIN. That’s right, you can share your wildest (and tamest) imaginings with thousands, completely anonymously. And absolutely no pictures, including ads (anywhere).

You can also download Veil here on MiKandi. 

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