Have you heard of #SexTalkTuesday? It’s an awesome weekly Twitter chat that focuses on specific sex positive topics every Tuesday at 3 pm EST. I’ve tuned a few times (although not recently, since I’ve been living in Asia and the time is early, early morning where I am) and found a great back and forth between moderators who come up with compelling questions and people who are down to talk about all of the things we’re told that polite people just don’t talk about in public.

Well, it turns out that I’m not the only one who’s noticed how awesome #SexTalkTuesday is. Last week, XBIZ announced that it was the first Twitter chat to ever receive an industry award in the XBIZ Awards nomination: It was up for Marketing Campaign of the Year. The nomination alone speaks to some awesome changes both in how people are talking about sex and how sex companies are innovating in marketing.

If you’re thinking, “Wait, what?” then you’re probably not alone. How could a hashtag/sex positive chat/online group be a marketing campaign? Turns out, #SexTalkTuesday is run by our friends over at the female-friendly porn site Sssh.com. It’s a great example of how the best marketing in the digital age is informative, useful to your customers, and still really fun!

Sssh.com founder Angie Rowntree told XBIZ that it’s not just about upping revenue for her own site, however.

“With #SexTalkTuesday we are actually growing the pie rather than just seeking to increase the size of our slice,” Rowntree said. “So many marketing tactics these days are designed to bring customers to a brand from another brand. We see that as a very shortsighted strategy. Instead we hope to have an impact on the way sexuality is discussed, explored and shared among open-minded people.

“Even more importantly, we believe intelligent dialogue is the best way to open the minds of more people, and to demonstrate with deeds and words that we are promoting a truly sex positive experience. When consumers feel safe, cared about and appreciated, they become more than customers – they become agents of change for the better. Come join us every Tuesday and be part of growing this movement in the right direction.”

This kind of creative marketing is important to plenty of industries but is especially important to the sex industry, which suffers from an often undeserved bad reputation. Also, traditional advertising methods are often denied to any sex-related business, which means they need to find alternative methods and fight to change the culture at the same time. Sex positivity is a rapidly growing movement but those of us involved know that we’re fighting an uphill battle against centuries of Puritanical nonsense and sex negativity. Hearts and minds take a long time to win, especially when you’re fighting for something as complicated and intimate as sex.

So I’m all about anything that promotes more open discussion about sex! And if your focus on sex positivity also increases your bottom line? I say, “Hell yes!” Congratulations to Rowntree, #SexTalkTuesday director Lauren MacEwen of 7Veils.com, and the whole team over at sssh.com for leading the way not only in sex positive discussion but also innovative new marketing techniques. 

Image: Emilian Robert Vicol/Flickr


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