Earlier this week Mikandi Japan announced partnering up with Japanese game maker Laplacian (of Newton and the Apple Tree fame) to create a new visual novel series, E-Gene. The stories will revolve around famous historical figures and animal girls. As for production, the games will be fully voiced in Japanese with English and Japanese subtitles. Mikandi Japan will be producing and publishing the titles while Laplacian will doing all the writing, scenario, and artwork.

Now, let’s check out some key information from MiKandi Japan’s press release:

The world of E-Gene

Ono Wasabi, Game Producer for Laplacian explains the game world concept and introduces the first character:

The key concept behind E-Gene is that “All the great struggles throughout human history were due to the disputes between dogs and cats”. Marie Antoinette, who was on the side of the dogs during the revolution led by the cat side, incurred the wrath of the public when she said “Well, if all the cats are gone, let them keep dogs”.

Joan of Arc made all other dog lovers rabidly jealous when she declared that she had heard the voice of Dog – the cat fanatics wouldn’t accept her devout dog-ly ways either, and so she was executed as a heretic.

And of course, the Republicans and Democrats over in the USA – when it comes down to it, that’s all about dogs and cats fighting too. The great disputes between dogs and cats continue ever on…

In our story, great historical figures are being brought back to life using genetic technology, when another grand dispute unfolds. And to top it off, these great figures are coming back… as adorable animal girls! So, what do you think? Pretty fun, right? This is shaping up to be a super fun project that we hope you’ll enjoy as much as us!

First Character: “I am the great Nobunyaga!”

Oda Nobunaga catgirl
Pictured: A concept image of E-Gene’s game logo and the first character, a catgirl version of Oda Nobunaga.

Ono Wasabi continues to reveal E-Gene‘s first character…

The character who’ll be brought back in the First Project is none other than the great Japanese samurai Oda Nobunaga… or should we say, NobuNYAga! Kitty Nobunyaga is a bossy and greedy girl, but she also gets lonely easily and is a bit of a crybaby. She’s curious about the modern era she’s been brought back in, and when she finds something she wants her tail sticks straight up. Nyaaaw! Everyone who sees her says “Yes, cat ears are the best in the world.

Mikandi Japan goes on to highlight their production and pricing:

The first game in the series will be created with funds raised through MiKandi Japan’s Patreon page and released in the fall of 2018. After that, a Kickstarter campaign to further develop the series is planned. As for pricing, E-Gene will be a very affordable game series; one to ten hour games for $1-$10 each. MiKandi Japan’s formula is: high quality Japanese production value, tight and juicy storytelling, with pet-like lovable pricing.

Patreon Rewards

MiKandi Japan’s “Nakano Broadway” Giveaway for May 2018! Support them at the “Once Bitten” tier or higher for a chance to win this ecchi bundle.

As a bonus for support, MiKandi Japan’s Patreon page offers a variety of tiers that reward patrons with such things as rare trading cards, gachapon, access to patreon-only content, shout outs, and monthly giveaway bundles (which contain a mix of R18 and mainstream pop-culture goods from Japan).To keep up with the latest and to support the project, please visit MiKandi Japan’s Patreon!

We here at MiKandi are super pumped to see our little sister company launch this new project with Laplacian. We’ll be sure to keep an eye (and paw) on how things develop and report them here as info becomes available. *Nyan*


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