One of the best things about having awesome customer engagement software, (cough, Apptentive, cough) is that we get to listen to your feedback in real time. One of the biggest requests is new adult comics, and I’m happy to say we’ve teamed up with FunGuild and MiKandi Japan to give you exactly that. Over 50 new adult manga titles to be exact.

Whether you’re a comic aficionado or an adult manga newb, we have everything you’ll need to retreat from reality and the dreary day to day. Come, take a load off, and dig into these delicious, digital comics.

Reading Aloud With My Hot Teacher; You Want Me To Read This Out Loud?!

Katahira Maki is an avid reader. Having exhausted her supply of academic literature, she ventures into the more erotic variety. One day, in class, Kata is so involved in her book, Forbidden Lust by author Hirota So, that she is caught by her steely professor! Professor Soda Hiro, known around campus as the “Ice Prince” for his cold demeanor, confiscates her novel and demands she meet him in his office. Kata discovers the professor’s secrets and endures his sadistic punishments.

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29 Years Old, Single, Living With The CEO?

29-year-old virgin, Chiaki, is housesitting her uncle’s big house while he’s away on business. She takes advantage of her freedom by day drinking herself into oblivion until a strange man shows up at the house claiming he lives there too! Chiaki learns her housemate, Tadashi Mikami, is the CEO of the company she works for and was sent by her uncle to keep an eye on her.

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Geeky Girl Makeover 

Toko Miyamoto gets transferred to an all-boys school by mistake and things are not going well. Toko is awkward, ugly, and clumsy, that is until the top two students in the school decide to make over her face and body. Mr. Kuramochi and Ayukawa seem to be getting more invested in Toko, but who will she choose?

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Love Me, Kiss Me, And Hug Me

Miyoko Miyoshi works as a janitor at a ritzy private school for rich children. When her beloved flower bed turns up ruined, she confronts the culprit… Asahi Iwasaki, the man in charge of the entire school! Luckily Miyoko doesn’t get fired, in fact, Mr. Iwasaki takes a liking to her and gives her his purveyor badge which signifies her as someone protected by the important family. Will Miyoko forgive Asahi and what will happen to her flower bed?

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Old Man Lover; Your Voice Melts My Heart

Mai is a cafe worker when she meets the mysterious Ryou Arisugawa, a regular at the little coffee shop. Ryou turns out to be an extremely talented voice actor and may be able to help Mai with her problem. Mai has an unappealing sex sound and sounds like a stuck pig in bed. Her current boyfriend is rude about it, but if Ryou is able to help, it may solve Mai’s problem!

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These 5 Teen’s Love comics are the perfect place to start and remember to check back next week as I’ll be covering the next 5. We have over 50 new Teen’s Love and Boy’s Love adult manga releases for you all to enjoy! Get them all on MiKandi!



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