First-Ever Kickstarter For Japanese VN Maker, XERO

Bishoujo Fans Unite To Fund Company’s New Title, Official English Translation

Big news from MiKandi Japan, our genki Japanese branch in Akihabara, Tokyo. XERO’s latest bishoujo title, Libra of the Vampire Princess, has just been Greenlit and is coming to Kickstarter later this month. Provided the campaign is a success, the game will be translated to English and released on Steam.

The growing international demand for Japanese visual novels has prompted XERO to act, so they have teamed up with MiKandi Japan to coordinate the campaign and official English version that the West can enjoy. The campaign is slated to run from late October until early December, 2015. What`s more, XERO will be letting the crowd fund rip for the EN edition before the original version even hits shelves across Japan on October 30th.

Libra of the Vampire Princess.

Libra of the Vampire Princess centers around main protagonist, Syuma Kusanagi: an ordinary boy, with an unnatural ancestry. His world gets turned upside down when Iris, a mysterious vampire, lashes out to “awaken” his ancestral blood. Although she sinks her teeth into Syuma, he manages to flee before the vampiric ritual is complete. Now, more confused than ever, his future is forked with uncertain paths and a host of girls who make matters even more complex. On top of it, he’s developed an urge to suck… their blood. What happens next is for the player to decide.Headed by Producer MOKA, XERO’s games often focus around school stories, cute maids, and chuunibyou. However, it is the comedy encountered in daily life that is the soul of their narrative. The company is best known for trying new themes, often earlier than other makers.

“Fans and industry guys like to joke that XERO is always ‘two years too early.’ Instead of trend setting, we end up creating OOPArts (out-of-place artifacts). Still, I believe bishoujo visual novels will soon become a standard on Steam. Let’s hop into my moe time machine two years earlier than other gamers and make moe history together now!” — MOKA, XERO

A Story of Battle, Blood, and Love

XERO is not a newcomer to the vampire genre. They first had success in 2007 with Draculius and have decided to revisit a similar world with Libra, which will release under their popular label, Onomatope*. With an estimated 60 hours to complete the novel, players will have plenty of time to become immersed in the decision-based mechanics as well as connect with Libra’s variety of interesting characters. Oh, and there is plenty of comedy and beautiful girls to boot!

Visit Libra of the Vampire Princess on Steam’s Greenlight to watch the games opening scene and preview.

MiKandi Japan is a production and distribution studio, located in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. MiKandi Japan is a gateway for both foreign and Japanese game, manga, and anime studios to bring their projects to and from Japan. For more information please email or call MiKandi Japan at +81 080-9298-8189.

About XERO

XERO is a Japanese bishoujo game, visual novel company, located in Tokyo, Japan. It was founded in 2003 by its current CEO and President, Producer MOKA.

XERO’s game topics ranges from maids to chuuni-byo, and school life stories. Their main focus is on the comedy encountered during daily life. The company is known for attempting new ideas and fresh themes quicker than other makers. They often miss the current trend though, not because they are too late but because they are too early. As a result, fans and industry colleagues have nicknamed them the company that is “two years too early.”


Producer MOKA grew up in Akihabara. In the 90`s, when he was a junior school student he rode a bicycle around to visit PC showrooms. He was always playing with PCs. When he entered high school, he started visiting bishoujo type publishing companies. He credits this experience as turning him into a game otaku. After graduating, he started working in a consumer game company that made games and also television shows. During that time, MOKA grew many skills and connections across the entertainment industry. Eventually he started his first business which was a voice actors production office. One record company producer introduced MOKA to a game company, Frontwing, which at the time was making bishoujo games before bishoujo became a genre on it`s own. He worked there for 5 years as a producer and in 2003, formed his current company XERO.


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