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How to enable Unknown Sources.

While “Unknown Sources” sounds scary and tends to conjure up visions of malware running rampant through your Android device, the reality is not quite as frightening as it sounds. Unknown Sources are simply apps that have not been vetted directly by Google, and while it’s smart to be selective about what apps you install on your device, there are plenty of third-party apps that are trustworthy(or at least not out to firebomb your device from the inside). Case in point: The Amazon Underground app is not available through the Google Play Store and is blocked if you don’t have Unknown Sources enabled on your device.

Google not only understands that many developers want to distribute their apps via other marketplaces but actually encourages it (good lookin’ out, Google!). However, before you can install these third-party apps on your device a few steps are needed to enable installs from unknown sources.

Depending on what version of Android you’re running, these steps may vary.

On devices running Android 7.1.1 (API level 25) and lower, users should enable the Unknown sources system setting, found in Settings > Security on their devices.

Typically, it looks something like this: SETTINGS>SECURITY>UNKNOWN SOURCES>Toggle to ON position. It will give you a little warning box and if you’re cool with the terms, click OK.

Devices running Android 8.0 (API level 26) and higher require you give each app special access to install from unknown sources. The steps are as follows:

-open the device’s Settings app
-go to Apps
-go to Special Access
-tap Install Unknown Apps
-tap MiKandi to allow MiKandi to uninstall unknown apps

That’s it! You can now install apps from unknown sources!

What next?

Now that you can install third-party apps to your heart’s content you can go nuts, right? Well, not quite. While the majority of apps outside of the Google Play Store are trustworthy, there are exceptions. Precautions should always be taken when downloading apps on both web and mobile to ensure you’re not downloading malicious content to your device.

Why MiKandi?

Here at MiKandi, we work with mobile security leader Lookout to make sure the apps you’re downloading from the MiKandi Adult App Store are safe and free of Malware. Every app is individually scanned for malicious content and excessive permissions, reviewed for quality, and then approved(or rejected) by an admin before being added to the MiKandi Store. If you’ve been a MiKandi Publisher for awhile, you may remember our old policy: free apps were published within minutes after submission. In an effort to minimize malicious content and create a safer and more enjoyable fapping experience, we have updated our review policy to include free apps in the review process. Even so, we recommend everyone practice “safe downloading.” Here are a few guidelines to help you along your way:

  1. Put on your sleuth cap. Research the developer of the application before downloading. Applications in the MiKandi marketplace are not created by MiKandi. Developers use our marketplace to connect with you, the end user. So before you hop into bed with an app, get some details on the Developer. A Developer’s contact information is found in the app description. If it’s not, just give us a shout at and we’ll send you the info.
  2. Read the fine print. Always read the legal information and privacy policy the Developer provides and review what information they want to collect. In order to install an app, you will be notified of security permissions the app is requesting access to. Be wary of apps that request more access than necessary. Be cautious about sharing your personal information, and click Cancel if you are not comfortable with granting access. In the end, it’s best to refer to the first guideline and email the Developer with any questions.
  3. Be cautious who you share your location with. Some apps allow you to share your location with the Developer, friends, or public at large. Refer to Guideline #2 and find out why the app you want needs that information. There are many fun apps out there that require access to your location.
  4. Listen to the tribe. MiKandi’s review process is driven by the community, as opposed to imposing our own review process. We leave the feedback to our community of users. Take note of what other end-users are saying about the app you want.
  5. Report abuse. Obviously, illegal content is NOT tolerated on MiKandi. If you discover an app with illegal content, please report the app in question at

We hope these guidelines are helpful and remember, if at any time you come across a MiKandi app that contains malicious content, excessive permissions, or just seems sketchy, shoot us an e-mail at or Tweet us @MiKandiStore and we will happily check it out. We want MiKandi to be an enjoyable, worry-free environment and your satisfaction is our priority!

Happy downloading!


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