World’s First Third Party Chrome App Store

After months of hard, dedicated work, we’re pleased to announce MiKandi Mint List, the world’s first third party Chrome app store. Mint List is still in beta, but we promise to deliver the best of the adult web, curating HTML5 apps, themes, and extensions from premier adult brands around the world.

Our mission is to aggregate and deliver the best adult experiences online. While we’re fully committed to Android and the power of native apps, Mint List is our push into HTML5. The majority of our visitors, including many non-Android users, discover MiKandi from the Chrome browser. Unfortunately, the difficulties we had developing an alternative Chrome App store raise concerns about the openness of the HTML5 app ecosystem on Chrome.

Apple-esque Restrictions from Google

Although Mint List is a safe alternative Chrome web store for adults, we discovered restrictions after soft launching last Wednesday. Previously, we were able to write flags to the registry to enable installs. Google’s Chrome update last week significantly reduced the ability of third parties to deliver their own app. We were able to build a workaround solution but it appears that Google intends to tightly control the delivery of HTML5 apps on Chrome. In order to install apps outside of Google’s official Chrome Web Store, users must first download and run the Mint Installer, a simple application that enables installs of Chrome Apps from MiKandi Mint List at

mikandi mint list

With Chrome, Google cites security issues and user protection as reasons to justify the restrictions in its latest update, but we sense a broader policy change. With these latest updates, Google has lost the balance between openness and security with Chrome. People love Android because it always strives for this balance. The Mint List App Store for Chrome is about extending that mission on the web.

Powerful HTML5 Chrome Apps

We knew we wanted to explore the Chrome space earlier this year when Google announced Sundar Pichai would replace Andy Rubin as head of Android. Today, Pichai oversees Android, Chrome, and Google Apps. For months, we saw signs that Google intended to converge their services, technologies, and device. This became all the more evident to us with Google Glass and Chromecast, both of which unify Android and Chrome through HTML5.

Chrome Apps have evolved from browser dependent to fully functional offline desktop applications. By utilizing the device’s hardware and new desktop-inspired user interface designs, Chrome Apps open up the previous limits of online-computing and allow for heavier applications. These apps take advantage of cloud computing by updating and syncing across devices online, and remaining available offline in some cases. Because they are built with web technologies, such as HTML5, Java, and CSS, Chrome Apps offer a lower barrier to entry to develop apps with near-native experiences.

Get on the Mint List

We’ll be uploading more adult Chrome apps, themes, and extensions in the upcoming weeks. Studios, performers, and developers interested in featuring their adult HTML5 apps, themes, and extensions on Mint List are encouraged to email us at The promotional video for Mint List is available on the company’s YouTube channel (




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