Updated Jan, 4th 2018: Newton’s campaign has ended successfully thanks to the generous pledges and incredible support of 1,361 backers (aka Newtonians)! In the coming weeks, we will be verifying our gold promo’s participants. We look forward to awarding your 1,000 Gold and do hope you enjoy picking out something naughty from our app store.

Thanks again for all your help! <3

–MiKandi and MiKandi Japan

Newton and the Apple Tree is a brand new bishoujo hentai visual novel from Laplacian, a popular Japanese software company known for their witty, hilarious and pervy games. We recently joined forces with publisher Sol Press on Kickstarter to help bring Newton to the West, and to declare yet another victory in the name of lewd gaming worldwide!

You too can share in this victory. Here’s how…

If you back Newton for $15 or more, we’ll reward you an additional 1000 FREE MiKandi Gold that can be spent on adult apps, comics, games, videos, and more at our store!

Sol Press and Laplacian recently showed off new addon rewards. They include 18+ ecchi dakimakura, tapestries, and cute chibi keychains. They’ve been a hit!

The game has already been funded with three stretch goals secured, so this is the perfect opportunity to pledge on some awesome rewards and get 1000 MiKandi Gold for your help. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Newton‘s Kickstarter and pledge on the latest visual novel cumming from Japan to you before time runs out!

Newton Gold Promo FAQ

Who can participate?

Everyone! This includes new Newton backers and those that have already pledged.

When and how will the gold be rewarded?

After the Kickstarter ends, we will begin verifying backer pledges. Once we’ve *verified your pledge of $15 or more, 1000 MiKandi Gold will be added to your account!

*Important: For verification purposes, the email you use to back Newton on Kickstarter must match your MiKandi account email. Thanks!

I’m new! Do I need to choose a reward tier when I pledge on Newton?

While we recommend going for any of the very cool and rare Newton reward tiers that are available, you can opt to pledge without one. To do this, simply choose “Make a pledge without a reward”, add $15 or more to the donation field, and click “Continue” to proceed.

(FYI: The $40 tier “The Laws of Inertia” is one of the most popular as it includes the Digital Game, Soundtrack and other graphical goodies. PLUS: The Light Novels in digital format will be FREE to backers in this tier and higher!)

For more info on how to pledge, please see Kickstarter’s Backer FAQ.

Is there a deadline to support the Kickstarter?

Yes! Please pledge before January 3rd, 2018 at 9PM PST!

Okay, I’m ready to pledge!

Quick! Beam over to Newton‘s Kickstarter page before time runs out!

I’ve pledged $15 or more! What’s next?

Thank you for pledging! Kindly reach out to us at customer support and let us know your MiKandi account name and the email address you used to back NewtonIf you don’t have a MiKandi account yet, sign up for your free account here! After the Kickstarter ends, we will begin the process of verifying pledges and emails. Once you’ve been verified, your gold will be added to your account! Remember: your registered email account on Kickstarter and MiKandi need to match in order for us to verify your pledge!

Thanks for your supporting the ongoing effort to bring more adult Japanese games and visual novels to the West!



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