The question today is: Will it butt plug?

And to be a little clearer, the “it” we’re talking about here is video game and the “butt plug” is any sex toy. Motherboard reports that’s the question teledildonics developer Kyle Machulis and founder of the sex-tech blog — who also goes by “qDot” — is asking and answering in his new video series, “Will it Buttplug?”

The videos — of which there are two so far — are a combination of tongue-in-cheek silliness and super nerd talk. In a pitch-perfect documentary cum NPR voice, Machulis walks viewers through his process.

“Today we’ll answer the age-old question: Are video games art?,” he says in the Rez Infinite video. “As we all know, much like cakes, games can only be art if they’re erotic.”

As someone who has no coding experience, I have no idea what he’s talking about pretty much from “go.” But for people who are more technically-inclined than I am, Machulis’ videos can serve as a guide for getting a little extra fun out of your video games.

But while I might not understand the technical specifics of “Will it Buttplug?”, the concept is
pretty clear. Machulis has figured out a way to make it so that any vibration that would be
transmitted to a game controller is transmitted to a sex toy instead. For this first video, he
connects a Fleshlight. And for those of you who are screaming, “But that’s not a butt plug!” don’t worry: The second video gets to the butt plug.

“Now, not all games were meant to be sex toy controllers,” Machulis says in the same video. “In fact, almost no games were meant to be sex toy controllers. Therefore we’re going to have to look at game mechanics and re-contextualize them from how to do you get the highest score or how do you win the game to how do you best control a toy with this game mechanic.”

While “Will it Buttplug?” may just seem a little silly and fun to those of us who aren’t involved in the video game world, one thing I especially like is that he chose the butt plug, of all sex toys, for the title. It’s notable because the world of video games has a reputation for being a bit, well, homophobic. Obviously, that’s a generalization and there are many niches of video games — and, despite what many 13-year-olds might think, using a butt plug does not make a person gay — but it warms my little sex positive heart to see that particular sex toy associated with a video game project.

And since the Motherboard article ends with Machulis saying he’s going to expand the types of games he connects to — including an old skeeball machine in his garage — I’d like to suggest he check out some of our offerings here on MiKandi. I have a feeling they might score pretty well in his ratings…


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