Crave Vesper wearable tech
Would you ever wear a Rabbit, arguably the most popular vibrator out there, as a pendant around your neck? Just let it swing there, “pearl” beads and wiggly ears on full display? Maybe you’d take a break from your conversations at work to show off just how nicely it can swivel around.

No; the answer is: no. Unless you’re going to some kind of silly themed party or festival, no one with any sense of style or class would ever even consider hanging a Rabbit from her neck.

That’s not to say, however, that the idea of wearing a vibrator as a necklace is in and of itself totally nuts. You just have to reimagine what, exactly, that vibrator would look like.

Actually, you don’t even have to imagine it because Ti Chang, head designer and co-founder of sex toy company Crave, has created a piece that every sex positive fashionista is going to, well, crave. Called the Vesper, this vibrator/necklace is so stylish that I really think it’s going to be my one and only pendant for awhile.

Sexy, right?


Wearable tech is a relatively new thing and, thus far, it’s mostly been a boy’s game. The majority of objects that we’re talking about when we use the term are part of the Quantified Self Movement, which focuses on monitoring your day to day behaviors so that you can make positive changes. Think Fitbit, Nike+, FuelBand.

When it comes to figuring out how much you’ve been sleeping or how many steps you take in a day, these tools/toys do a great job. When it comes to being something that enhances your look, well… Let’s just say they fault short as soon as your look goes from casual to classy.*

While the Vesper isn’t the same kind of wearable tech as the QSM tools are – it’s not connected to an app and doesn’t record any information about your behavior – it’s undeniably a piece of technology that is meant to be worn, which I think absolutely qualifies it for the moniker “wearable tech.”

While I’m personally looking forward to being part of the sexy group of people rocking this thing in public just as hard as my boyfriend rocks his Fuelband, Ti knows that not all of her customers are going to be into that part of it – and that’s okay.

“This is not something that every woman will want to wear outside,” she told me. “But it’s designed so that you can if you want to.”

For those ladies who are more private about their privates than I am, Ti points out that the Vesper also looks great when worn with lingerie or with nothing at all. Additionally, she designed the necklace so that the functionality of the vibrator is completely separate from the necklace, which means the chain can be removed and it can be stored in the bedside table along with any other sex toys that may be hanging out there.

It’s not a Rabbit. It’s not a FitBit. It’s a whole new kind of wearable tech – and it couldn’t be sexier.

*One exception: FitBit recently launched a collaboration with Tory Burch and some of those designs look pretty great.



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