Cam girls on the popular site Chaturbate have figured out how to use teledildonics to seriously up their money-making capability.

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Holofilm Productions yesterday re-launched their second crowd-funding effort to jump-start the production of virtual reality porn.

Sigh. Do you really think limiting access to erotica is worth this much attention? Really, guys?

Big Bang Empire joins the MiKandi Adult App Store.

Our interview with Transmorpher DDS, creator behind the futanari adult comic series Banana Cream Cake.
revenge porn

It looks like revenge porn may soon be as obsolete as an IBM desktop computer as company after company announces policy changes striking back...
porn for women

O'actually needs your help to create the sex positive, hot, sexy porn for women you've been dreaming about.

A University of Texas student is encouraging her classmates to bring dildos to school - #CocksNotGlocks - in protest of the campus carry law.
patent troll

Remember that sex tech patent troll who was claiming not to be be a patent troll but didn’t have any products of their own...