Shared Dictionary Compression or SDCH provides savings of 80% or greater on web pages. Our simple implementation turned into a major project.

There's only a little over a week left to fund the English translation of Libra of the Vampire Princess, but still a bunch of awesome backer rewards up for grabs for those who haven't already pitched in.

With all the excitement that often accompanies the new year, it can be hard to keep our minds on things like safety. Luckily, there are tons of apps out there that can worry about that for you.

Ad blocking benefit users through lower data charges, significantly faster page load speeds and a better user experience — but at what cost?
Izumi' XMas Hentai App

Did Santa get you a new Android for Christmas? Here are five things every naughty girl and boy must do to unlock the sexier side of Android.

XERO and Producer MOKA place their bets on the budding Western VN market with Libra of the Vampire Princess.
adult app

Looking for something for your naughty and nice list? Or just wanna a little treat for yourself this holiday season? Adult apps for all!
penis pedometer

Do you guys remember those “smart” cock rings that everyone was freaking out about earlier this year and at the end of last year?...

Ho-ho-ho and happy holidays! ’Tis the season for drunken hookups: at office holiday parties, friend’s holiday parties, New Year’s Eve parties… You get the...

MiKandi Japan and XERO push the launch button on their first-ever crowdfunding project, Libra of the Vampire Princess!