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Valve won’t be censoring any games on their platform

Gaming platform Valve just released an announcement that they will no longer be censoring most content on the Steam store. Last month, makers of Japanese-style...

TL Manga: 29 Years Old, Single, Living With The CEO?

Chiaki Shigemura is my spirit animal. She's an introverted day-drinker that prefers comfy clothes to fancy dresses and is uninterested in dating. I feel like we...

Popular Comic Site Drawcrowd Bans Adult Content

The online communities of illustrators are vast, with work ranging from cute comics to gory monsters to XXX-rated hentai content. However, options for sharing,...
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Adult Content Creators On Patreon Now Able To Use PayPal

Did you know that adult content is considered “high risk” by most payment processors? While it’s unclear to me exactly what that means (Are...
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RNC Attendees have Exclusive Access to this VR Trump Porn

If there’s one thing that goes together like peanut butter and jelly, it’s politics and sex — an no one does it better than...

Apple Is Restricting Access To Adult Content On Reddit

Another day, another announcement from Apple that shows just how tightly they’re gripping to their former leader’s anti-porn, anti-sex stance. The latest in the...

Binge On a Bucket of Bytes

T-Mobile’s new Binge On streaming option is redefining consumer data consumption.

T-Mobile’s New Streaming Plan Will Allow Adult Content

T-Mobile has announced a new video streaming program -- and they aren't saying no to adult content.

People Really Are Reading “For The Articles” has seen a 258% increase in traffic over the past year. Here's how they did it - and what smaller adult sites can learn from their success.
Google bans adult content on Blogger

Google Quietly Bans Adult Content in its Blogs

Google is cracking down on adult content again -- this time, the target is its blogging platform Blogger. An e-mail sent out to users...