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Visual Novel Review: Se-rua Academy

We are tickled to introduce Welcome to Se-rua Academy, an enticing Japanese RPG by Softhouse Seal. Well known for their eroge and nukige content,...
John Dildoe

Lewd Game Review: John DilDoe

I don't know if I'll ever NOT be entertained by a stick figure penis. It's about the simple things in life, after all, and...

Adult Game Review: Christmas In Metropolis

Ho, Ho, Ho! Merrrry Christmas! Santa delivered some gifts early this year, in the form of some uber-sexy adult apps. If you're looking for...
se-rua academy

Visual Novel ‘Welcome to Se-rua Academy Creampie Festival’ Comes to MiKandi

Demand for more Japanese erotics games and content sees MiKandi respond with new content, starting with hentai visual novel 'Welcome to Se-rua Academy Creampie Festival' from Japanese doujin game creator Softhouse-Seal.

Adult Game Review: Hardwood

Happy Hump Day! Today's review is on Hardwood by Smad Studios X. The object of this adult game is to remain hard as long as...

Adult App Review: Neva by Virtual Lust

Here at MiKandi, we are really lucky to have the opportunity to bring you all some of the highest quality content the adult industry...

Interview with NSFW Games – What Comes Next

MiKandi talks to Mike Avery behind Glory Hole Arcade.

Adult Visual Novel Review: Legend of the Wolf Prince Episode 1

Hi guys! I have a really interesting game review to bring you guys this week, an interactive 2D RPG-style visual novel called The Legend of...

Adult Game Review: BoobRun

Nikky reviews adult game BoobRun, a simple jump & run sidescroller, with cartoony 2D/3D graphics that makes for an eye-catching experience.

Adult Game Review: Svetlana’s Dress Up Review

Hi MiKandi fans. Today I'm reviewing Svetlana's Dressup, yet another home-run app featuring the amazing artwork by Dmitrys. Rated 5 stars by fans, this...